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  1. Elysium

    idea for getting Wreck it Ralph into kh4

    I have no idea why you're making it that personal, Matsgy. Did WIR scar you as a child or something? I'm not sure why this is a hill worth dying on, but if you people haven't learned by now that KH will wipe and repeat things at will any time it pleases, then you've missed half the series. The...
  2. Elysium

    idea for getting Wreck it Ralph into kh4

    Yeah, the Disney worlds aren't really about telling cohesive stories from one title to another, they're simply there to involve a popular property most people like. That's why when people say Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin, etc. are "done"--uh, no, they'll never truly be done, because the...
  3. Elysium

    How do you guys think Kingdom Hearts will include Disney TVA as worlds in the future of the series?

    The only things TV related I'd really like to have in KH are Tangled: The Series, and some of the DuckTales (original ONLY) and Aladdin villains for new bosses in Agrabah and Disney Castle (which should have Duckburg appear as an iteration of it, just like Disney Town and Country of the...
  4. Elysium

    General ► TW |disastrous coming out to my Muslim parents

    I'm so sorry you don't have a job and you're forced to deal with this kind of verbal / mental abuse (for who knows how long). I understand how hard that must be. I'll pray that a job will appear for you so you can finally escape your situation. :( Maybe you could look into assistance online...
  5. Elysium

    Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 4, Missing-Link, and Dark Road in extended Famitsu interview

    For me, it will always be KH2. I wanted Leon and Mickey to bitchslap his ass at different points throughout that game, he was so stupid.
  6. Elysium

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    We could even (finally) get Merman!Riku via a Mei drawing, lmao.
  7. Elysium

    Politics What kind of issue should abortion be labeled as?

    You can simply call it the more general "human rights" issue. Women's rights are human rights. It's not a surprise all human rights of persecuted groups seem tied to one another, since usually the assault on one goes in tandem with the assault on others (civil rights, LGBT rights, etc.) since...
  8. Elysium

    Leaked info from Nomura's extended Famitsu interview

    I think there will be more work on 4 than 3 and 2, writing-wise, since it needs to lift a new saga.
  9. Elysium

    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    ^ I think I may have been right, since Disney is refusing to censor the Doctor Strange sequel for India and they also moved Love, Victor to Disney+.
  10. Elysium

    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    That's right, it's Florida's citizens that will be paying higher taxes and there are around 400 government employees losing their jobs because of this, too. I think this will simply encourage Disney to go all in on LGBT inclusion now, tbh. I mean, DeSantis has done the only thing he can do to...
  11. Elysium


    I hope Utada continues to return, but if she doesn't, at least she did the first saga's themes.
  12. Elysium

    KH4 probable worlds

    Oh, I would love for Alan Menken to write Sora his own "I Want" song, lol.
  13. Elysium

    How would you summarize KH2's journey?

    Sora spends KH2 searching for Riku (and then searching for Kairi in the latter portion), but mostly I believe KH2 is about duality and reunion. Most of the story and worlds revolve around those concepts*. In a way, Roxas and Sora reunite with one another (since they are two pieces of one...
  14. Elysium

    KH4 probable worlds

    That wasn't a want list. I was trying to think of Disney or PIXAR films that would tie into the ideas about Yozora I'd had lately. I finally watched Soul today, and I'll add it to the list, too, since so much of that film is about Joe's body being filled by 22 (and at one point he accuses 22 of...
  15. Elysium

    Speculation: Three Playable Storylines in KH4?

    I wouldn't want a three scenarios game again unless it was something like SRK(+D&G) being the party of one scenario, RAXI being the party of the second scenario, and TAV(+Mickey) being the party of the third scenario. Admittedly, being forced to play as Kairi would be more bearable in a game...
  16. Elysium

    Versus XIII characters re-used in KH4?

    I wish there was some sort of picture compilation of the lost XIII characters and the Re:Mind characters in Yozora's world side-by-side. I didn't follow XV's development, only played the finished product.
  17. Elysium

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    This. Any character can be made into an adequate boss battle if they put in the effort, but they'd rather create a bland Heartless boss instead. Story-wise, no Disney world villain is on Sora's level, so that's not an excuse. Oh, I hope so! 😈
  18. Elysium

    KH4 probable worlds

    With my theories about Yozora now and how the overall game will be--Sora perhaps having issues with having been in Quadratum--I'm was thinking about what a probably world list would look like with that in mind (and keeping in mind the preference for more recent films). These aren't wants really...
  19. Elysium

    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    Well, it was inevitable with KH3 having introduced worldlines. Perhaps Quadratum is an alternate universe where Sora lost and Riku won in KH1.... Riku never became good again, Kairi died, who knows what happened with Sora--perhaps his heart is a Heartless (or an AU version of Heartless enemy...
  20. Elysium

    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    This could explain the way Sora looks in the trailer, too--perhaps he's been asleep because he's slowly fusing with Yozora into the same person because the universe can't handle two of the same person within one universe and we don't realize that until the end of the prologue or something like...