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    So wat is the max hp u can get for terra, aqua, and Ven? Jw if anybody knew
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    help plz

    Hey guys, just need some help on getting the hp boosts wen synthesizing, any Help?
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    Code Breaker or GameShark?

    this might not have anything to do with Kingdom Hearts, but i want to know which is the best code thing to play with. thanks ahead of time.
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    Kingdom Hearts President Tie Breaker

    ok guys. the KHP has a problem. Ansem The Wise and Sora are 19 to 19! so i have made a new poll to declare KHP out of the top three nominees. so vote till February 20th on this one guys!
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    Your Favorite ► Kingdom Hearts President

    ok everyone, i thought it would be fun for all of us to vote for who will be Kingdom Hearts President! cast your votes now! the final counting will occur the 13th of February!
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    so i dont get why Nobodies come out of what seems like light, opposite from Heartless coming out of the darkness. i thought Nobodies were neglected by both light and dark. it looks like Nobodies are from the light, so does that make them good? cause i think that the only evil Nobody is Xemnas...
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    Dark Keyblade

    so like does anybody know why the Dark Keyblade was created? i mean, i know about the princess of heart, but i thought the princess of heart had nothing but light in there hearts. so how can they make a Dark Keyblade? i thought it would be something full of light and powerful like the Ultima...
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    What weapon do you like?

    just another random post. wondering what you guys like. just post what you like if its not up there. post a pic too of the weapon you like. i think ill go with the Keyblade and Axel's Chakrams. Bond of Flame and Two Become One to be exact for the Keyblades.
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    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    this is really random and i wanted to know what people thought. it dosen't just have to be KH2. and if i didn't post what you liked then just say what you like.
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    Reverse/Rebirth Mode

    So I was just wondering what the cards were in the Reverse/Rebirth Mode. Worlds, Friends, Magic, Trick, Enemy, Item, and Room cards is what I want to know. It would be really helpful. Thanks ahead of time.