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  1. Crystal

    BBS Final Mix : Monstro Battle

    Just reach this level in Mirage Arena, what is the command decks recommended and what is the suitable level in beating this monster? Thanks :D I'm in Ven's story.. Level 47.
  2. Crystal

    Final Episode's Ending

    At the ending of Final Episode, the scene when Terranort stabs the keyblade on himself, did he actually release anything from himself? I know he is trying to get rid of Terra.
  3. Crystal


    I may forget about the story in Re:CoM, so there is a question i wanted to ask. How is Riku ended up in Realm in Between which is Castle Oblivion? Since in KH1's ending, he was in Realm of Darkness. Thanks for answering my question :D
  4. Crystal


    I don't know where to put this thread -shrugs- So, i'll put it here :P Just having a question about keyblade. Does the keyblade having a heart , soul or sentiment kind of thingy , since it will choose its' owner,whom having a strong heart? And another question is about the keychain, keychain...
  5. Crystal

    Final Mix Help

    I'm just gotten KH BBS FM, so before I start the game, I wish to know what is the requirements to unlock secret episode, secret ending and those secret bosses for each difficulty level. Because I heard that the requirements had change. Your help will be appreciated :3
  6. Crystal

    The Unversed

    Nobodies born in the Realm of Nothingness, Heartless appear in RoD. So, how about Unversed? Are they belongs to any realm ?
  7. Crystal

    Random Question about KH

    I have play KH1 and KH2 long time ago, currently I'm replaying KH2 FM+ . So there is something i have forget about the game so I would like to ask : 1) Why is Riku blind-folded during KH2? Is there symbolize anything? 2) How is Namine created ? Why is she born in Castle Oblivion? 3) Is the...
  8. Crystal

    (Help) Ultima Keyblade

    I get Fenrir today after beating Sephiroth, how can i get Ultima Keyblade for Sora? Any guide would be appreciate :D
  9. Crystal

    Question about Keyblades

    What is the differences between the Keyblade of Hearts and X-Blade ? And which can open Kingdom Hearts ? ><
  10. Crystal

    Newbie here =3

    Hello every members in KHinsider . I'm new here =D Hope to know more friends in this forum ya..