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  1. Meow Wow

    Happy pi day

    Have some pi Hope y'all have a nice day <3 fun fact, I initially tried to do a million digits of pi but it slowed down my browser so much I had to reduce it
  2. Meow Wow

    Joining the hiatus train

    It's getting to the point leak wise where I'm jumping in on the hiatus. I'll be leaving here until I beat KH3 and then I'll evaluate whether coming back here is worth it (considering the toxicity floating around). I'll be hanging in the spoiler free sections of the internet for the next week...
  3. Meow Wow

    The New Years Thread

    Happy New Years y'all! The American continents are hitting new nears in a few hours (at the time of this thread being posted) and Europe and Asia have already passed into 2019. So, what are your plans/what did you do to celebrate, if you did. What are your goals for 2019? What do you think we...
  4. Meow Wow

    Who else is getting The Cinema Trailer as an ad on YouTube?

    Decided to be safe and put this in spoilers. I don’t know how long the ad has been out since nobody has mentioned anything, but today, I got the shortened cinema trailer as an ad. So I’m wondering if anybody else got the ad yet? If you’ve seen it, what do you think about it?
  5. Meow Wow

    Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving For those of us that live in the US, Thanksgiving is the day we all come together with our families and be thankful for each other while eating a turkey. Followed by some people camping outside Wal-Mart (or other stores/malls) for Black Friday. How have you guys been...
  6. Meow Wow

    The per thread. Time to boast about our pets.

    This thread is intended for us to boast about our pets. Pictures are helpful. It can be anything from stories, to talking about how cute they are, or just talking about your pet(s)
  7. Meow Wow

    The Halloween Thread

    So today was Halloween, or yesterday for those in other time zones. What did all of you guys do to celebrate if you celebrate Halloween?
  8. Meow Wow

    In need of a party in Angius

    Hello fello members of KHI. I'm in need of a relatively active party. I know that's hard to come by nowadays with the games reputation and lots of players quitting but I'm getting tired of playing solo for so long and want to join a party again. I'm F2P and try to log in at least 3 times a...
  9. Meow Wow

    Independence Day

    Guess what day it is fellow Americans. The 4th of July. The day we got our Independence from the British. So whad everyone do, plan to do, etc? You get the drill by now.
  10. Meow Wow

    The End of Pride Month thread

    ''Tis the last day of Pride Month so if you celebrated how did you celebrate? What contribution or tribute did make for the LGBTQ+ community? I personally treated it like any other month. Mainly because of different outside factors, so I couldn't really do anything.
  11. Meow Wow

    Help/Support ► How should I help support my friend through a breakup?

    So recently my best friends girlfriend broke up with her. I wanna be there for my friend in case she needs anything but I don't exactly know what to do or say if the topic about them comes up again. I already said some things that I shouldn't and I don't want to make the same mistake again...
  12. Meow Wow

    The best/worst medal pulls thread

    Title says it all. Post your best or worst medal pulls for the bragging rights. -- It was hard to figure out my worst pulls so I will put two of my best pulls For bad pulls tho...the new Kairi banner gave me a seven star Dumbo....thanks rng.....thanks a lot
  13. Meow Wow

    Fathers Day

    Father's Day has rolled around. Time to tribute our fathers, father figures, step-fathers, etc. So what did everyone do for their Father's Day today? Or are there any plans for later? What does your father mean to you? Whether you got to see your dad today or not, I hope y'all have a great day.
  14. Meow Wow

    Meows Art thread, cuz why not

    Hello fellow members of KHI, I have been taking drawing seriously for about 5 years and been drawing independently from media for about 2 years. During the past school year(10 months) I have noticed that my improvement is stagnating. I know I have much to work on so I am taking to the internet...
  15. Meow Wow

    The what was your first video game thread

    What was everybody's first video game? What system was it on, too? For me, the farthest back I can remember was playing Spider-Man 2 and some Tony Hawk game on the PS2. Spider-Man 2 was damaged so it took like....a half hour to load each time. Either we (siblings and I)had no memory card or...
  16. Meow Wow

    How would Final Fantasy summons look in KH3?

    Just hypothetically speaking. How do you guys think a Final Fantasy summon could work based on how the other summons looked in the KH3 demo? Who would it be? What would their move set be like? What might the finishing move look like?
  17. Meow Wow

    The dedicated plaid thread

    We can all joke about the plaid here. So, how bout them plaid walls?
  18. Meow Wow

    Mother's Day

    Today is Mother's Day. So let's appreciate our mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, mother figures, etc. How did everybody celebrate? What does your mom mean to you? Are you a mother yourself? Lets all come together to appreciate our mothers
  19. Meow Wow

    Use an already existing song and replace every adjective with plaid

    Title says it all, have fun!
  20. Meow Wow

    Has anyone else been having this problem on the PS4?

    I'm mainly noticing this in KH2FM but it could be in others. When the camera changes angles during cutscenes, the character it moved to doesn't move for a split second. I don't have any available video evidence of this occurring but I wanna know if anyone else has this issue. The problem...