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  1. keyblademaster42

    Thoughts on Notre Dame

    So according to reports so far excluding structural integrity the steeple as well as two thirds of the roof was lost in the Blaze however the Cathedral survived biet a bit roof damage. Im just hoping this was due to faulty equipment and no an Arson plot so close to Easter
  2. keyblademaster42

    just gonna throw this theory out there see what comes of it (Spoilers)

    I dont do to many theories pertaining to kingdom hearts but it be kind of fun to look back to this thread 25 years from now when kingdom hearts 4 is out and be like ha i called it. There are several Parts in the game pertaining to Saix and Axel where they talk about becoming apprentices to...
  3. keyblademaster42

    Kingdom hearts 3 E3 live on facebook right now

    https://www.facebook.com/KingdomHearts/videos/10155537287725841/?notif_id=1529023082740213&notif_t=live_video in case you guys are interested in watching
  4. keyblademaster42

    So here we are 3 trailers in and still no Demyx

    like i know he was kinda weak but here we are now 8 games and a slue of trailers and we havent seen hide nor hair of demyx, every single organization XIII member is either there human form or there nobody form has Shown up in the game except Demyx, do you think well see him in some shape or...
  5. keyblademaster42

    Been getting a lot of database errors lately

    So ive been having a little bit of a problem here on insider, last couple of days i will post something and a few things will happen, it will go through it will attempt to post multiple times or i get this error and it will still post anyway even riht now i replied to a thread in union cross...
  6. keyblademaster42

    Union cross multiplayer not hard mode not happening

    Has this happened to anyone else, ive jumped on union cross the ast couple of days at 7 pm and 11pm pst to do the expert bosses so i can get the coins kill the bosses really quick and be on my way but so far every time i have its been the normal quests with normal coins and it even says expert...
  7. keyblademaster42

    A guide to the Organization XIII B medals and what it means for you

    Hey Guys i thought to kick off this thread and the Next week of free medals by making a guide to help you decide whether or not going for the B medals is worth it for you or if you should just pass up on them for that day Xemnas B. This is one of the 3 medals i did not get due to lack of...
  8. keyblademaster42


    O=AHAHAHA oh man they're here they finally are releasing the toon medals, granted they're ok medals nothing to crazy but i really want Aqua and xion they look so adorable, knowing my luck ill prob pull toon riku, id like xion though, shell have a nice little slot on my future diamond dust
  9. keyblademaster42

    here comes another EX medal tonight KH II Sora & Riku

    think square is trying to break the piggy banks with this personally this holds no sway over me as kairi plus copycat beats everything atm but still talk about pushing the limits also comes with this as a mercy http://www.khunchainedx.com/wiki/Auron_Illustrated_Ver Deals 2 hits...
  10. keyblademaster42

    potential free jewels now on twitch

    https://go.twitch.tv/squareenix there was a message sent to the game as well as a post, idk what it entails but i thought id let you guys know
  11. keyblademaster42

    Luxord B comes tonight

    So here it is the last member until hopefully the full week of all 12 next month then roxas and xion Luxord B - Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8aToqnQDLE&t=540s i like this medal seeing as its luck based also this is my second favorite organization member i...
  12. keyblademaster42

    Angry adventurer medal farming is back

    as soon as i have enough information i will update my guide should there be any new medals, really hoping to see Hercules and phil or nick and judy tbh id like a ground herc and a air herc
  13. keyblademaster42

    hurrah we get diamond dust and fairy stars tonight

    finally a keyblade that compliments my maleficent b oh and faiiry stars which ill prob get to 30 easy, to bad i have to go bed early tonight
  14. keyblademaster42

    So Japan pumped out roxas and Xion B pretty fast

    we prob wont see these until December or late November since we have luxord this month and in November is supposed to be all 12 of the previous members but i like xion for ftp people its keyart 2 more or less Roxas B - Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki Xion B - Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki
  15. keyblademaster42

    Pridelands Sora is tonight?

    OK so Sena just broke with Tradition here i was not expecting this whats so ever lol i dont know if i should buy it now lol 7 brooms means to more mickey and brooms for me but this is crazy, i wonder of this is only for the 15 year anniversary they are doing this
  16. keyblademaster42

    Demyx B comes tonight

    So we have reached a medal that japan has had for a year now. which even intodays standards is still an ok medal, with that being said idk if they are going to make it better and increase the attack or multiplier for us to compensate for missing it for a year Demyx B - Kingdom Hearts Unchained...
  17. keyblademaster42

    Should i Mickey and Broom?

    right now because i bought the Vip i was able to make 2 Mickey and brooms. coupled with the one we get September 15th i will have 4, Your guys opinion. Should i use a mickey and broom on my boss Marluxia, its 5 orbed with 40 percent raid damage and 800 health, ive been thinking about making this...
  18. keyblademaster42

    So Keyart 11 Yay or Nay?

    So im about 85 percent sure on this one but as the Vip quest for Next week we should be getting keyart 11 as a medal if your not familiar with the its ability here it is Deals 11 hits. Raises strength by 3 tiers for 1 turn. Lowers defense of all attributes of all targets by 2 tiers for 1 turn...
  19. keyblademaster42

    So guys lets talk Hades Cup

    im not sure if theyre going to an update or not with a 831 update but this is going to be a bit interesting and tough especially since i am currently stuck on quest 11 and this is quite literally a super upgrade saix b your guys thoughts, where are you currently stuck?
  20. keyblademaster42

    So who elses Game Crashed when they tried to open the Japenese fantasia quest

    So a crazy event in red and all Japanese letters popped up in events with a mickey and brooms from what i can guess as prize and when i clicked on it it froze my tablet froze the game and kicked me out, kinda wish i had a picture of the quest before it did this Edit heres the picture in...