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  1. ~azure.requiem

    ~ just thought i'd bring this up.

    ~ i know this is from bbs, but i don't remember ever seeing it happen. do you guys think that this scene happens in bbs:fm or maybe bbs -vol.2- or what?
  2. ~azure.requiem

    ~ why are sora and riku stumpy all over again?

    ~ okay, kh3d takes place after kh2 in the storyline, right? why are sora and riku in there 14 and 15 year old forms again? i hope this has nothing to do with sqaure's laziness when it comes to having to create a new sprite for their characters. (i.e.: lulu in ffx-2. very, very pregnant, but her...
  3. ~azure.requiem

    ~ i'm back.

    ~ i don't know if anyone even noticed that i left, but i left around two years ago to pretty much devote all of my time and energy into a project that i've been working on. now, it's nearing completion and i saw fit to return. well, i guess that's it. ~ j a . 「 f u k a n o u . w a . N A N I M...
  4. ~azure.requiem

    ~ ja mata (see ya)... or for a little bit, anyway.

    ~ 'sup, folks. it's me. duh. i kinda decided to announce it this time for those of you who noticed i was gone for over a month last time. (heh heh. ^_^' gomennasai.) this time, i'm just goin' for a few days, so don't fret. i'll be back soon, so i guess i'll see ya when i see ya. -- ja mata. ~ kei.
  5. ~azure.requiem

    ~ embeded videos.

    ~ uhhh, how do you stick 'em in your posts??
  6. ~azure.requiem

    ~ it's practically at our door step.

    ~ it comes out dec. 2nd, for those of us who don't keep close tabs on square-enix.com
  7. ~azure.requiem

    ~ another one of azure's theories... sort of

    ~ before i begin, pleeease spare me your comments about other people thinkin' of this. there's bound to be somebody who's thought of the same thing. alright. let's do dis. ~ in short, me thinks xion & xehanort are unbirths, the d.s. is the very first heartless, and master xehanort is a nobody...
  8. ~azure.requiem

    ~ i'm feelin' kinda old, but...

    ~ i know it's a little late to be posting this, but today i hit the big two-oh. yup. only a year till i don't have to snag a fake i.d. to get into the clubs. adulthood has officially slapped me in the face.
  9. ~azure.requiem

    the HEROES fanclub

    ~ i don't know why i, or anyone else for that matter, didn't think of this in the first place. this fanclub is for the beloved embodiment of awesomeness that is HEROES. i'm serious. this show, well, as i said before: AWESOME. ~ if you think so, feel free to stop by... AND HELP SPREAD THE EMPIRE...
  10. ~azure.requiem

    ~ i can prove that the xiv is still aqua (in a way)

    ~ yup. i said it. wait, wait hold on! don't stop readin' just yet! hear me out. i know this has been harped on for the 12 months, but this one'll actually make you think. ~ you remember nomura-sama saying something about ven's identity being the main theme of the game? well, what i was thinkin'...
  11. ~azure.requiem

    ~ the keybearers of legend

    ~ do any of you remember the ansem report that talks about the legend that says one keyblade master saved the world, while another said he wrought chaos and ruin upon it? well, i think that the storyline of bbs is that legend. i also believe that terra, ven, and aqua's master is the one who the...
  12. ~azure.requiem

    ~ Present Location

    ~ now i know ya'll have unconsciously made up a bunch of theories on this. from the information leeked to us over the last few months, we can all come up w/ somethin at least a little bit plausible as to the present location of the last generation of keyblade masters. (terra, ven, & aqua). mine...
  13. ~azure.requiem

    ~ How and why was Kairi sent to Destiny Islands

    ~ ok. I was just randomly thinking about the future kh games a while ago when i realized that it's a complete mystery of how and why kairi was sent to the islands in the 1st place. she has almost absolutely no recollection of even being in her home world or the events leading up the meteor...
  14. ~azure.requiem

    ~ which kh character are you most like??

    ~ this is kinda random but, i was just thinkin about who'd best fit my personality. ~ the one that best fits me is riku.
  15. ~azure.requiem

    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    ~ i'm @ level 99. i have all the abilities needed to beat him. i've been using trinity limit to give myself a little edge. i have the freakin strategy guide! i've done everything in my power to beat this freak & every one of my attempts have added up to naught!! if there is anyone out there...
  16. ~azure.requiem

    ~ what is this?!

    ~ ok. is it just me or does anyone else notice this. there's giant thing w/ a heartless symbol under hollow bastion. i don't think it's accessable from the castle base level and i do think it's that rotten building sephiroth stands in front of before you beat him in kh2. some one pleeeze tell me...