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  1. inverse K-blade7

    Sora and the MoM

    Look, no question Riku earned the Master title more than Sora did. But there was never any rule that only one of them could pass the exam. In the beginning, it seemed pretty clear that Yen Sid plannedto pass both of them, and he even said at the end that they both deserved to be Masters. Its...
  2. inverse K-blade7

    Gameinformer KH3D Review

    Gameinformer have released a review of the game, giving it an 8.25 Kingdom Hearts III Is Coming: The Game - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - 3DS - www.GameInformer.com Funnily enough, the user review score is 9.75 Without giving anything away, is the boss battle referenced in the...
  3. inverse K-blade7

    No Dream Eaters?

    So, after messing around in the KH3D demo for the umpteenth time, I discovered that is possible to have all your Dream eater allies Killed off for Real. And as far as I know, the only way to get new Dream Eaters is through synthesis. I dont know how vital the abilities you get from the dream...
  4. inverse K-blade7

    Escapist Magazine PAX East 2012 Demo Impressions!

    Found another site's impressions on the demo! This is from the Escapist Magazine. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/116683-PAX-East-2012-Hands-On-Kingdom-Hearts-3D-Dream-Drop-Distance
  5. inverse K-blade7

    The Keyblade War's victims

    This isn't exactly a fully thought out theory, more of an idea I had. We know that thousands of keyblade wielders were killed in the Keyblade War. But we also know that there isn't real "death" in KH, or at least none that we've seen. So is it possible that Sora and Riku meet some the fallen...
  6. inverse K-blade7

    Plot Twist?

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but why is Roxas's identity considered a big plot twist? If you actually think about it, it's incredibly obvious. Let's look at the facts here: 1. Roxas wields the same weapon as Sora, and that keyblade is supposedly the only one of its kind 2. Roxas has dreams of...
  7. inverse K-blade7

    Your OH MY GOD KH IS AWESOME Moments

    Title speaks for itself. For me, I recently beat KH2 on proud, but the game froze on the credits, to make sure the problem wasn't my PS2, i popped in KH1 and started a new game to check the opening. then i was in the awakening. and My God, i'd forgotten how epic it was! the mysterious voice...
  8. inverse K-blade7

    SRK, RAX, or VAT?

    Which trio of friends is your favorite? which did you think had the best or most believable bond? I haven't played BBS yet, so ironically have to go with the nobodies, because the whole game was about their friendship, but I SRK has two of my favorite characters. So who's your favorite?
  9. inverse K-blade7

    switch the roles of two org. members

    Like the title if the says, if you could switch the roles of two organization members who would you pick? The characters would have their old powers and personalities, but do what the other member does. Me, i'd have Luxord and Marluxia switch. So luxords the evil traitorous master of CO with...
  10. inverse K-blade7

    bosses in 358/2 days

    the link to part 1 of fighting who I assume is the penultimate boss. It's a 4 part battle. SPOILERS http://www.youtube/watch?v=yiZmBB Heres the one to the final boss who is obviously Riku. http://www.youtube/watch?v=Dvecl_eA
  11. inverse K-blade7

    A Terra Question.

    I was just wondering, does anyone know how exactly Terra got to be able to choose Riku to wield the Kingdom Key? I never understood that.
  12. inverse K-blade7

    Another Unbirth idea

    Sorry if this is obviously wrong, just obvious or done before, but who has the time to chaeck all the other unbirth theories. Anyway, in CoM, the title of Riku's story was Reverse Rebirth. A bit of an odd name. But what exactly would the reverse of rebirth be/ Seems like unbirth. sp this led me...
  13. inverse K-blade7

    days roxas question

    this has bugged me for a while. how come in all the days gameplay vids, Roxas is wielding the kk? if it was between CoM and kh2, wouldn't he be duelwielding? do you think it'll be a special move in the game, somethi, ng he attains at a point in the game, or am i just missing something?