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  1. JH

    Anyone remember me?

    Hey all, I used to be active here in 2008 or so and I've completely forgotten who I knew here and such. Anyone remember me/think I would know them?
  2. JH

    Epic Mickey (see: not related to kingdom hearts)

    Some art for a game codenamed 'Epic Mickey' was recently released. The art itself looks nothing Kingdom Hearts related, however there has been talks about this image in particular: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/07/castle_dwn_view.jpg People have speculated that the black...
  3. JH

    Don't Kill the Messenger

    Don't Kill the Messenger Before I begin, I must inform you that where I live is not like where you live. Where you have lush fields of green grass, I have long stretches of cold, metallic floor. Where you have tall, sturdy trees, I have large metal poles with electric charges crawling over...
  4. JH

    How Ends Meet

    Prologue Just Another End Julian Harris stepped out of the office building. Another day of work past, another evening to prepare for the next. It was a ritual, and he knew it, but he went along with it. Everyone else did, he was just a part of the equation. A cog in the clock. If he stopped...
  5. JH

    PSP Firmware 5.00 + PSN Store Launch

    Don't know if this has been discussed in the Sony thread or not, but it deserves it's own thread. TGS 08: Firmware 5.00 and PlayStation Store launch next week - PSP Fanboy "The PLAYSTATION Network is coming to the PSP next week -- at least in Japan. Firmware 5.00 will be available on October...
  6. JH

    More Direct to PSP PS Store Proof

    Well, looks like Amazon has let something slip yet again. Although it's not really a slip, considering the direct to PSP PS Store was announced a while back, it gives us some comfort that it will finally be coming. Images. Hope for PSN Friends and Trophies on PSP too? I would like to hope so.
  7. JH

    The Adventures of Agent Johnson and Doctor Handy

    Conversations me and my friend have. She's a girl, I'm a guy. I'll update this regularly. Jake: Agent Johnson. Jake: I have an assignment for you. Jordan: What is it, Doctor Handy? Jake: Doctor Handy has been kinapped by the German terrorist group, Guten. I need you to infiltrate unnoticed and...
  8. JH

    Yet Another New DS Rumor

    Next Nintendo DS: Camera, Music Playback and confirmed by Nikkei - NeoGAF At least this one is somewhat legit. Enjoi.
  9. JH

    Jack Thompson Disbarred

    Freaking finally. Jack Thompson: Jack Thompson Disbarred
  10. JH

    Portal 2

    Well, I've been playing a lot of Portal lately, and was curious as to what you guys think Portal 2 will have in store for us. It was announced way back in February, and some news on it should start popping up soon. Thoughts?
  11. JH

    [( The Tetsuya Nomura Fanclub )]

    [( The Tetsuya Nomura Fanclub )] The famous game designer and director from Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura has done good in helping to bring us some of our most cherished games. Although he can get on your nerves at times, you can't deny the hours of fun he has presented you with time after...
  12. JH

    Takashi Tokita considering original Final Fantasy DS title.

    During an interview on the Square Enix Members site, Director and Executive Producer of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS said this, What could the future hold?
  13. JH

    I Feel Pretty

    I Feel Pretty It was the start of the end of his life. The boy was moving again, and he hated it. Every year or so, his family would pack up and ship out, heading to some new town where no one knew who he was or what he was doing. The boy became a complete stranger to all, something that killed...
  14. JH

    Re: Chain of Memories mentioned at Gamestop Expo

    Re: Chain of Memories mentioned at Gamestop Expo So apparently, Re: Chain of Memories was silently announced at the Gamestop Expo. It's a complete rumor, of course, and I for one refuse to believe it until an official announcement has been made. Click ---> Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories...
  15. JH

    HD Digital Radio

    HD Digital Radio • IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE! ••• HD Digital Radio Is it worth it?
  16. JH

    Song of Myself

    A short assignment for my English class. We are to write a paragraph or poem in a romanticism style. Romanticism can be described as overly happy and belief that nature holds all answers to the world around you. At times my security is safe with me, These times I do hold dear. Sometimes my...
  17. JH

    Should Sora die?

    In the spirit of pointless speculation, I thought I'd ask a rather vital question. Do you want Sora to die somewhere in the series? Doesn't matter where, when, or how. Just a simple yes or no in the poll will suffice.
  18. JH

    Lazy Poetry

    I might have posted this somewhere on here already, I'm not sure. If I have, apologies. Here are a few of my poems, all of which can be found here as well. Some of them I like, most of them I don't. I have a few others that aren't on my dA or up here, so I'll post those later if I find them...
  19. JH

    +-+-+ The Zildjian Fan Club +-+-+

    Zildjian! You've seen him, you know him, you love him. And yet, he doesn't have a fan club! Talk about him, talk with him, befriend him, whatever. Just whatever you do here, make sure it has something to do with him. :D +-+-+ Members +-+-+ JakeH OmniChaos Mellow Nova
  20. JH

    Fanfiction ► Aqua

    This story is part of a small series, of which I fittingly name the, Birth By Sleep Series Aqua - Click Me Terra - Click Me Master Xehanort - TBA Enjoy. Note: These stories will all eventually be available for reading on my FanFiction account, found here. --- Aqua Prologue Her life was...