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    Oh hey look at that!

    Its been . . . a while? Maybe? Possibly? I don't think I've visited these forums since forever ago. I doubt anyone remembers me, unless I somehow made in impact in some way shape or form. Doubting it:unsure:
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    Kill All Your Friends

    Has anyone else heard this? Its the newest song MCR (My Chemical Romance) has been playing live and its been leaked across the internet. YouTube - My Chemical Romance - Kill All Your Friends Lyrics Its the B side to the Black Parade single, but it just might be a glimpse into what they're...
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    So, which lucky winner went out and bought the new Cobra Starship album, ¡Viva La Cobra!, then went home and listened to it a million times over? I sure did :toungesmile: Oh man guys, this album is HAWT. So post away at either how much you love it, hate it, or to ask who the hell Cobra...
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    Help/Support ► attempting to move forward

    I always thought I'd be the one giving the advice, but now its me who needs the help and support. It all started in February. I met this girl, and we really hit it off. The first phone conversation was 6 hours long, it was crazy how much I liked this girl. We eventually started going out...
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    College Life

    So who starts college this fall? This thread is for everyone to share their anxieties, frustrations and nervousness surrounding the next chapter in our lives called secondary education. :cry: I'm enrolled at WKU now and with school starting in a few weeks, I can safely tell you I'm as nervous...
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    Copa America (South American Cup)

    I don't know if anyone keeps up with International Soccer, but the Copa America is going into its quaterfinals and I'd like to see who everyone thinks will make it to the finals. Schedule (In Spanish) I'd love for Peru to win, but I know its just not gonna happen if they're going up against...
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    I've found God, and its name is IMF. http://www.imf.com/ IMF stands for the International Music Feed. Its on Dish Network channel 285 and this entire month is a free preview of this awsome channel. The Channel plays music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from all over the world. You can...
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    This is the best F***in show ever. Its the most Brutal, darkest, blackest thing you will ever see. Anyone who disagrees is a dildo douchebag whos know nothings bouts Metals. The shows funny as hell and plays on all the metal stereotypes of our world. In Metalocalypse, the world revovles...
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    Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gundam_SEED_C.E._73:_Stargazer If you liked Gundam SEED Destiny, you'll love this ONA. Or if your like me and disliked the recycled storyline and animation used in Gundam SEED destiny, you'll love this ONA. The reason you'll love it, or at the least like it is...
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    Democrats control Congress!

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yea I know, a lil late, but I just got home to post this) So anyways, lets celebrate this change and look forward to all the pwnage the Democracts will dish out! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!
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    Science and Religion

    Why is it that we always polarize the two? It is my belief, that the two are closer than most people think. Lets say for example, God is Nature. God created Nature (according to many religous texts), therefore he should be referred to as Nature in this example. Now, Science tries to...
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    It seems that 5 long years after one of the biggest events in our generation, that many people still do not truly understand who and what Terrorism is. Let us first start with what Terrorism is not. Terrorism is Not -A group of People -Something that can be completely destroyed -A Muslim -A...
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    Cactuar ftw

    http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/ab3j/character/character02.html Its like a fanboy's dream come true. Its Mario Basketball but with a twist! Its Mario vs. Moogle, White Mage vs. Wario, Bowser vs. Black Mage, Nintendo vs Square! Yea I'm just really excited about this game, even though Mario and...
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    The Israel-Lebanon Conflict

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Israel-Lebanon_crisis This thread is for discussing the current conflict in the Middle East. Not too long ago, an extremist Muslim Organization residing in Lebanon called Hezbollah declared all out war againts Israel. Hezbollah has since then fired rockets...
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    We don't have a sports section

    We don't have a sports section! o.0 For some reason I thought we did and was going to post about the World Cup in that imaginary section, then I realized, we dont' have one! >.< So I guess this topic is to request a sports section under Discussion. We have a section for nearly everything else...
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    Intel Discussion[/rant]

    This part of the forum has become too spamful. In every thread there are members of the forum posting spam, grammatically wrong sentences, and irrelevant information. I'm just here to ask for a little more modding in that section. The spam distracts from the discussions and sometimes can...
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    The original Hollow Bastion war

    Now that we're all complaining about the flaws in KH2, I wanted to see if anyone remembers the pic below. It's from an old trailer, and it was one the first times we heard about a heartless war in KH2. I was really dissapointed that they didn't keep the Wyverns and Behemoths, they were some...
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    Since we have this new forum

    Can we stop putting spoiler warnings in the titles of threads in this forum now? Since everything in here is a spoiler there is no point in marking every thread.
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    Why do you play Kingdom Hearts?

    With the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in japan approaching soon, and some people even importing it to get to play it early, it makes me wonder, why do people play? Do you play for the Disney characters? The ducks and mice and other memories of childhood? Those old movies and stories that...
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    A wall around Hollow Bastion?

    I was looking at the new scans, particulary at HB, When I noticed a stone wall surrounding the town built around the castle. One part of the wall seems to be broken, like it was forced in a war or something. It reinforces my theory that HB comes under attack by heartless residing on the...