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  1. cakito123

    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I've been gradually more hyped for this game the more I think about it. Don't know if that's a good thing XD When I first watched the trailer I was kinda meh. The visuals seems utterly UGLY as hell, compared to everything we were getting from the last 2-4 years with MoM and KHIII and Remind...
  2. cakito123

    Trailer Addict Support Group

    This topic can be very useful if we know how to use it properly as a community. This is a continuation and a reminder of a thread I created in 2020, but more than that, it's a Trailer Addict Support Group. The goal here is to bring awareness to those who didn't follow KHIII in 2019, and to...
  3. cakito123

    Top 2 Worst written character currently in the games?

    Honestly I know this series's writing isn't the best, but there are some characters who tends to have a larger focus and still deliver nothing, different from Sora and Riku's relationship and exposition. I have my own list of characters who I think is the worst written one, or least interesting...
  4. cakito123

    I like the Deck System and I want it to stay strong in future side games

    I think there are room enough for both gameplay styles to exist, as the older games always suggested and showed us. It seems obvious, but since KH3 came out I'm kinda bothered by the fact there are a lot of people who would prefer they only stick to the KH1/2/3 playstyle - because it works and...
  5. cakito123

    NEXT GAME: | ReMake: Union X | or | Next Entry Game (DDD2, Yozora game) | ?

    Hey everyone! I've been curious: How many of us actually want a UX remake? Do you care for the game at all or would you rather move on to the next entry? Do you care only for the story and would bother playing through it again even with a remake?
  6. cakito123

    The Master of Masters is Nomura himself

    EDIT: after posting this abstolutely CRAZY, I realized the FORUM INSTANITY tab is not about being actually insane?? what?
  7. cakito123

    ...So, can we stick primarily with pixar?

    When KH3 launched, I expected pixar's worlds to be the most dull and disconnected, as the stories in the films always drew more attention than the themes or scenarios - in the aspect of variety of scenarios, Disney beats Pixar 100%. But then I realized that Pixar's worlds in KH3 had the best...
  8. cakito123

    [Weirdly] tired thinking about RAX TA having protagonism again

    Roxas Axel Xion Terra Aqua Ventus It's weird to me how I feel about them so I will think as I write. Before KH3 released, I used to have SO MUCH HOPE AND HYPE about all them returning!!! I really wanted to see their lifes again and know whats' about after them being saved. And when they did...
  9. cakito123

    Spoilers ► The trailers from this franchise ruin everything

    Honestly. I will just rant I trusted nomura and the staff when they said the trailers werent revealing much. Even when they released the Final Battle Trailer during KH3's development I though they were only showing fragments of unimportant scenes, or at least the least cool scenes. But nope...
  10. cakito123

    Dark Road ► (SPOILER) After last update, I think Union X + Dark Road are really part of a whole game

    Seeing the Lost Masters at their demise at war at half of Union X, and then having Odin explain darkness itself through the seven sins makes me connect both experiences a lot more, now. At first I didnt umderstand why both games were in one package, but after latest Chapter 3 update I think...
  11. cakito123

    New ORG XIII - Death Scenes in the Ending

    My favorite parts about KH3's ending is striking down each one of the org xiii's characters and watching a cutscene where they die and talk nonsense. Those scenes were probably the best of the game for me. in the first playthrough everything was so bloated and fast that I didn't feel much...
  12. cakito123

    The most disappointing thing about Limit Cut

    I can't have Donald and Goofy helping me???? In KH2 I loved taking care of them and healing them up to help me fight. I speacially liked the Zexion boss battle in which he trapped them inside his books and we had to crack it open to save them. It gave me a sense of them participating for real...
  13. cakito123

    Extra Contents - Arena Modes, Battle Gates, and Limit Cut Bosses

    I was thinking to myself... I really miss some kind of battle with waves of enemies mode like that from Olympus in KH1/ 2 and Mirage Arena's Birth by Sleep. And i mean, I don't think that would take too much work to do? All they really had to make is put some enemies to appear in sequences in...
  14. cakito123

    Who left the keyblade in Destiny Islands and why?

    Was it Aqua? She's without any keyblade VS Ansem's before in the game, and that's why she lost the battle, and I thought now that maybe she 'sent' Eraqus Keyblade there to Sora/Riku/Kairi to find it someday? At first I though Sora used his -improvising power- and summoned this keyblade in...
  15. cakito123

    The New Organization's Data Battles thread (Spoilers)

    IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS ON THE STORY ASPECTS OF THE DATA ORGANIZATION BATTLES AND ITS GAMEPLAY CONTENT PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER Hey, I didn't see any thread talking about the new The New Organization's Data Battles specially, so I made one! Can I just start by saying how beautiful...
  16. cakito123

    Kingdom Hearts Union X Re:Make speculation and expectatios

    Well, as far as I can see, all side games that wouldn't have 3D models have had a Re:make version of it, so I can only think it's really likely we'll get one with this one too, specially since a lot of people didn't play this game and don't really like it. And, well, as a continuation of an old...
  17. cakito123

    Putting KH3 into perspective

    Not surprisingly, some or many details of the series simply ceased to exist when the engine change was made. It's obvious how reusing the same files made it easier and easier to make the next game in the series much faster, and also much longer in its scope. Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most...
  18. cakito123

    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    Not surprisingly, some or many details of the series simply ceased to exist when the engine change was made. It's obvious how reusing the same files made it easier and easier to make the next game in the series much faster. But that also means they never changed some stuff, since they didn't...
  19. cakito123

    How many times did you play through KH3?

    As I read the forums, I started to get really curious about how many hours and how many times did everyone play the game. So, you never played and only watched cutscenes? Did you play 10 times already? On critical or begginer? Did you skip Winnie the Pooh (or anything that is optional, for...
  20. cakito123

    Aqua didn't give up, she actually was just addicted to the darkness (?)

    I was playing the anti aqua battle right now, and I realized that she transforms out and into a sworm of darkness. And, at first I think it was weird how aqua in the ending just gave herself up to the DarKnessS. Think that has any connections? because I certainly did My first though was that...