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    KHinsider profile background sizing

    This is probably not in the right section at all >.<, I wasn't positive what to put it under, or if it had already been asked... But anyways, I wanted to ask if someone knew the exact size for the KHinsider profile backgrounds, or knew of a way to find out the size. Help is much appreciated.:)
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    AMV making help...

    I have absolutely no idea how to use a windows movie maker, and ive got tons of clips but when i try to upload them it wont do it, so I need someone to give me a complete how-to in this...
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    Chakra in Naruto(in depth)

    this thread is just to explain chakra to those who are new to naruto, and to discuss it. Anyway. chakra is a combination of mind/body within the body. it combines mental and physical energy, and by using handseals, the chakra user can unleash an attack with it. the true key of chakra is...