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  1. 3keybladewielder

    charecter help

    hey guys im looking to kill my magic and increase my def and attack strength 194 magic 209 def 146 i use zero with full sight
  2. 3keybladewielder

    signature edit plz

    can i get some 1 to shrink my sig
  3. 3keybladewielder

    disney and dogs

    my dad has been bugging how can mickey have a dog if goofy is his neighbor
  4. 3keybladewielder

    Tech ► how to add youtube to sigg

    how do u add vids as sig s1ruckysta
  5. 3keybladewielder

    jeff dunham FC

    the best comedian s1naruto
  6. 3keybladewielder

    digimon thread

    for all digimon games s1naruto
  7. 3keybladewielder

    mario galaxy 2 rip off of 1?

    hey guys from what i heard on second it's mainly coping 1's intro but this time giving him his head as a space ship like the toads
  8. 3keybladewielder

    banjo-kazooie/tooie fc

    this fc is for those who like the old games over nuts and bolts
  9. 3keybladewielder

    FC AxelYoYo

    join if you love miss yoyo owner miss yoyo co-owner me mems MadaraMoogle miss marluxia if she wishes to when she wants to Xion_Z_Forgotten Anagram
  10. 3keybladewielder

    ttly spies rp

    this is continued from the other 1
  11. 3keybladewielder

    totally spies rp

    people i have sam:axelyoyo alex:me clover: jerry:me Brittany: blane: if needed mandy:Xiolio_tiessa628 all bad guys: a natural day in the life of the girls after mali-u from shopping at the grove to what lies ahead not knowing that all the vilions had teamed to destroy woohp and the planet
  12. 3keybladewielder

    all cards

    is it possible to get all the cards for sora/riku on a playthrew? bc i only have half
  13. 3keybladewielder

    budaki tenkichi 3 wifi

    hey dudes any 1 this game cuz i haven't played in a year but when i get my skill back any 1 up for it?
  14. 3keybladewielder

    funny easter pics

    as the title suggests
  15. 3keybladewielder

    The sith FC

    join if tho are a sith s1worstbirthdayever
  16. 3keybladewielder

    the banned game

    rules are just simple just say your banned for _________ reason
  17. 3keybladewielder


    mainly just a invader zim zimxgaz fc mems killer kung fu wolf bitch Penance RisingDawnStar Staleforce21 Axel's girl1312
  18. 3keybladewielder

    lvling roxas at 80+

    can any 1 help me as to how i can lvl roxas after 80 im 83 i mainly just kill xion now for free exp but now she is starting to give low amounts and i have fully beaten mission mode
  19. 3keybladewielder

    dragon ball z vs lord of the rings

    can any 1 tell me if i should get the new dragon ball budaki tenkichi or get lord of the rings conquest
  20. 3keybladewielder

    soul calibur yes or no

    is this series worth it? s1eyeballs