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    Made this a while ago

    My first attempt at smuding and gradients - cnc please? Version one Version two
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    ^^ ~ The Awesome Fanclub Of Zeagal ~ ^^

    Welcome to the Zeagal Fanclub! A great friend and maker of Rapist Trees lulz who undoubtedly deserves his own FC. He's an awesome person so I demand you to join dammit!!! THAT MEANS NAO!!! >:[ Be warned, spontaneuos poofs may occur whilst visiting here xD Current Theme...
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    less is more ^_^

    looking back at some of the other signatures iv made, i found that i always crowd the canvas :/ This is my first one in a while and iv decided to keep it as simple as possible. its also the first time iv used hue's and dodging. anyways, could u CnC meh latest peice? ^_^
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    light v darkness

    edit :/
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    Zac efron to play light yagami? (death note)

    Not sure if all of you already knew this as its january news, so please close if this has already been discussed. anyways, an american version of death note has been confirmed and is rumoured to have Zac Efron play as Light Yagami =< Source One Source Two
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    dunno if a thread like this has been made before but i couldnt find one so... do you have any strange/bad/funny habits? XD mine would be sticking things in my mouth ...that sounds a bit dodgy lol. i mean things like pencils, pens etc
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    meh latest

    lol, i seem to be making quite a few lately. its fun :lol: this is the first time iv gone for this style so advice would be appreciated. sooo can u CnC please? ^_^ made another one lol
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    My 2nd attempt - could u c + c please ^_^

    okay, this is only my second attempt at making a sig, so i wont be very good, but i love making them and learning to improve. iv made quite a few lol so dont feel you have to comment on all of them. anyways, theres this one - Believe this one which has two versions so ill put in both -...
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    my 1st sig! plz critique

    my very first sigs =D i only had paint and publisher to work with so there quaility isnt very good. plz critique and let me know wot u think. i did try to get them up but it wouldnt allow it for some reason so they are on the links, the 2nd one doesnt enlagre for some reason but the 1st does...
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    my post number keeps changing.

    i did have it on 57, and now its gone back down to 50. i thought if i ansewered some more posts it would go back up to 57 but it hasnt its just stuck on 50. .......why has it gone back down? and how do i fix it? thank youuuu x
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    a question about user control panel regarding contacts/friends

    i looked for a sticky on it but couldnt find it, which is why im asking btw. um, i wondered how to get my contact/friend list up as i have friends, but i cant seem to get back onto that section. therefore i cant tlk to my friends =( i go into user control panel but dont know where to go from...
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    Your Favorite ► what heartless/nobody (other than organization 13) is your favorite?

    my fav heartless are the shadow ones. i guess its just because they were one of the 1st ones sora fought and have been in both games.
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    Anti- sora

    Anti-sora's got me confused, i always thought it was rare that you turned into one, yet in my last game i must have tured into one like 15 times, sumtimes 3 in a row. how does it end up turning into that, and if you turn into it a certain amount of times do you reckon you would be able to have...
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    could sum1 help me learn how to use this site?

    im new and dont understand how to do things on here lol. like why do people have rep power things or summinc on their profile (the green things). what r they and how do you get them? also how do you out a word under your name and above the avatar picture? mine says heartless, but i didnt put it...