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  1. Zero Sora

    TV ► Westworld - "These violent delights have violent ends."

    I'm surprised no one's talking about this show yet. I finally watched the first episode after missing it last week. Damn was it good. Loved that rendition of Paint it Black. For the uninitiated, Westworld is a show on HBO based on the 1973 film of the same name. Westworld is set in the future...
  2. Zero Sora

    Terra Nova (Jurassic Park meets Lost... apparently)

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about this show already. But, whatever. So yeah, Terra Nova is a new show that is set in the year 2149 where the world has supposedly (I say that because it's only been hinted at so far) become overpopulated and polluted. So in an effort to save the human...
  3. Zero Sora

    Which Persona should I play first?

    As the title says. Which should I play first? I recently bought Persona 3 and 4 because they sounded awesome and looked interesting, not to mention one of my friends told me about them. But I'm unsure of which one I should start with. I've heard that Persona 4 is the more epic of the two.
  4. Zero Sora

    Judge refuses to dismiss a lawsuit against J.K. Rowling

    Seriously? I think it's all just coincidence. And someone trying to make a quick buck by suing a rich famous author. Judge refuses to dismiss suit against J.K. Rowling - BusinessWeek
  5. Zero Sora

    My idea on KH3D

    Well, let's get started shall we. ZS's theory on KH3D. First off, based on the weird bullshit that seems to be happening, like raining Sora's, it has to be some sort of dream like crap. Unless it's all illusions. But dream crap sounds better. "But a game that's all a dream sounds lame" Not...
  6. Zero Sora

    Your April Fools Day pranks

    So now that April Fools is pretty much over, I expect that some of you (those who have lives outside of the internet) pulled off some pranks on your friends and family members. So that's what this thread is for. What kind of pranks did you pull on your friends and family, or what kind of...
  7. Zero Sora

    Fanfiction ► Bleach: A New Beginning [[Chapter 7 is finally here]]

    Name - Bleach: A New Beginning Genre - Action, Comedy Rated - M 15+ Langauge, Violance, Sexual Themes Some of you, might remember this story from about 2 years ago. I had forgotten all about it. So I decided to repost this Bleach fanfiction since it's a lot more complete then it was last time...
  8. Zero Sora

    358/2 Days English rom menu patch [NOT A FULL ENGLISH PATCH]

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in the Spoiler Section or not. Or even if I'm allowed to post it at all. Sorry if I'm breaking the rules or if this is the wrong section. For those of you with the Japanese Days rom, I found a patch that translates the menus and some other stuff into English...
  9. Zero Sora

    Dear KHI

    Silh be wanting mah lawch munnies! Should I spam his inbawks?
  10. Zero Sora

    The only thing that matters

    This is a short story I had to write for English ages ago. I'm not the best at short stories, nor am I the greatest when it comes to first person narration. But I tried, and passed. The task that was set before us was: We had to write a story that was in a very morbid light. It required a...
  11. Zero Sora

    Ghost Tale: Hinagumi Mansion

    This story just kept bugging me to be written. The ideas developed and then snowballed and I just had to start writting it. First I'll post up the short prologue just to get it started. I expect chapter 1 to be up sometime soon after. Title: Ghost Tale: Hinagumi Mansion Genre: Mystery, Horror...
  12. Zero Sora

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Kai

    Just wanted to know if anyone else out there has seen the first season, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni or the second season Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. It's a pretty dark and confusing adult anime, it's got a lot to do with death and murder, friends killing each other and all that. It's not well...
  13. Zero Sora

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality

    Name: Kingdom Hearts Reality Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance Rated: M 15+ Mild langauge, Sexual Themes A summary for a Kingdom Hearts Fanfic I started ages ago and have recently decided to continue. Kingdom Hearts Reality is set in a universe where Kingdom Hearts is a game, but is...
  14. Zero Sora

    Fanfiction ► Bleach FanFic

    Edit: BFF can now be read here BFF at FanFiction.net Firstly, Bleach FanFic (BFF) takes place after the war between Soul Society and Aizen. Which the manga has even started telling yet. Once the manga reaches a certain point that contradicts with my story, this will be where my story arcs off...
  15. Zero Sora

    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    Ok there's this girl I like, and every so often we sneak out at 12:00am and go for walks or whatever. But lately we have been lying in the grass stargazing, its cold at night. So next time she brought a blanket to lay on. After we were a bit sleepy, I started to fall asleep while she was...
  16. Zero Sora

    what about the door to Light

    I watched all the cutscenes in KH2 and even tho they go into Kingdom Hearts and back Sora never opens the door to Light, unless KH in the door to light... but the door looks exactly like the one from the end of KH1 in which case it has already been opened... so does this mean theres gonna be a KH3
  17. Zero Sora

    Kh2 worlds

    which worlds does sora visit in order?
  18. Zero Sora

    Questions about Roxas **~SPOILERS~**

    I have a few questions for the people who HAVE played KH2 1. how does Roxas get the Oblivion and Oathkeeper 2. how and When did Roxas lose his memories of being the 13th Member of the Org 3. Does Roxas continue being evil after he remembers that hes with the 13th Order 4. Has Roxas always had a...
  19. Zero Sora

    A few thoughts

    After just watching some of the old trailers for KH2 i found a few things in ASAS the phrase "you are the source of all heartless" stuck in my head and in Deep Dive when i saw GEU again it all clicked together... GEU has glowing yellow eyes and the heartless symbol appears on hi cheast when he...
  20. Zero Sora

    kingdom hearts door question

    ok im confused about the kingdom hearts door.. i always thought KH was the door to the light even Sora said it was when he was fighing Ansem but the Heartless were in there and in KH CoM RR it was refered to the door to darkness... now what the hell is going on...i started to think that it was...