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  1. Zook

    Far Cry 3

    My apologies if there is already an existing thread for the game, I did a quick search and found nothing. Has anyone played it? I just picked it up today and right off the bat I have to say it is very pretty (I am playing on PS3). My one gripe after just a few hours so far is how you are unable...
  2. Zook

    Avenger fever

    Saw the movie last night, officially obsessed until further notice thus I will be churning out a bunch of sigs based on the team. First up is my favorite Avenger. I will continue to add to this thread as they come out.
  3. Zook

    brushes needed

    Hi guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading to a new laptop and in the process of moving my data, I forgot to transfer my photoshop brushes. While I search for new ones I figured I would ask what some of your favorites are. I'm looking for splatter and smudge type brushes if possible...
  4. Zook

    Wired: Gaming Consoles Will Soon Be for Nerds Only

    Gaming Consoles Will Soon Be for Nerds Only | Underwire | Wired.com I found this short article interesting and like many of the people that commented, I have to disagree with the author's overall message that console gaming will somehow fade back into the background and cease to be a major...
  5. Zook

    XIII Second Hit

    took a second swing at an earlier piece from last year.
  6. Zook

    Sora 3D

    Forgot to add a critique thread. At first this wasn't going too well but in the end I thought it came out nice. Have at it!
  7. Zook

    military fetish

    I have really been digging the screenshots from MW3 and BF3. Anyways it gives me a chance to work on lighting some more. Let me know what you think.
  8. Zook

    Starting something new

    Today I finished my first drawing. It's primitive and crude but it was fun. You can check it out here, ZookPS3 on deviantART
  9. Zook

    Amazon Prime offers free release day shipping

    If any of you college students haven't already heard, Amazon is offering a full year of their Prime membership for free to anyone with an email address that ends .edu (a college inbox). It's a pretty sweet deal and advertises free two day shipping but what it doesn't mention that may be even...
  10. Zook

    Square Enix action figures

    Has anyone here gotten an action figure from Square Enix in the past? I'm looking at the new Assassin's Creed 2 one they have coming out this month and it looks slick but I don't know how good their build quality is.
  11. Zook

    Help/Support ► Computer programs

    Since the last thread mysteriously vanished I decided to reboot the list and start from the ground up. You are free to discuss and argue about your favorites and offer suggestions to add the list but please, DO NOT add every program you have ever used in your entire life. I want to keep this...
  12. Zook

    Better than it's sequel(s)?

    Have you ever come across a game that seems better or simply more enjoyable than it's successors? A game that you may pick up and play through again a couple months later while you consider trading in it's sequal? I have certainly experienced this. Games that come to mind are: Medal of Honor...
  13. Zook

    Rock Band 3

    Now even keyboard cat can join in the fun. Story: 'Rock Band 3': What's new, what's notable - USATODAY.com Video:'Rock Band 3': Keyboards are the key - USATODAY.com I'm interested to find out how much that entire bundle will cost and how those string guitars will be used in gameplay.
  14. Zook

    Help/Support ► Girl is driving me crazy

    I am in an awkward situation and I'm looking for some outside opinions, from girls and guys. I work at a restaurant and one of new my coworkers is simply amazing, a real girl next door. I've only seen her twice now and it has been pretty interesting to say the least. For starters every time...
  15. Zook


    The inspiration should be pretty obvious. I'm thinking it might be too hectic.
  16. Zook

    Where do you get your music from + how big is your library?

    A third iteration in my quest of music curiosity. I wanted to update it with a new poll. As the title states go ahead and cast your vote and brag about your collection size. Myself, beemp3.com lala.com (ripped) sharovar.com isohunt.com last.fm and occasionally I will visit FYE if I know I...
  17. Zook

    what a bloated forum this has become

    dissect and devourer my current and Crysis.
  18. Zook


    new tutorial, new sig.
  19. Zook

    another shot

    another shot at anime.
  20. Zook

    a work in progress