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  1. Youniquee

    Kingdom Hearts DDD to be released in Europe 20th July!

    -casually makes thread because she didn't see one here...- Mods are free to kill me if one has been posted ;A; -cough cough- Just saw this on the Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts Offical Facebook pages! Here's exactly what they said... How do people feel about this?
  2. Youniquee

    Final Episode Difficulty?

    So I finally got all Xehanort reports..and the game popped up saying I needed to create a final episode file. So I did. But the Difficulty mode is Standard instead of Proud :\ Does anyone know why and if there's a way to change it? Thanks~ EDIT: I did Ventus on standard, Aqua on standard but...
  3. Youniquee

    Do you think Sora will fall into the darkness in KH3D?

    Since there was a thread about Riku's development in KH3D, I was thinking maybe Sora will fall into darkness and Riku will be the one to save him. Though, he won't be as irresponsible as Riku...(destroying worlds, manipulated, ect) I wonder if Sora will get some development if this happens?
  4. Youniquee

    Terranort, y u not die? (Terra's scenario)

    It's on proud mode btw, So i've been trying for weeks and weeks, trying to kill this guy. There's this attack he does when he goes under you and jumps up, taking a lot of your life. Apparently you can dodge it if you just about move as he comes under you, but it doesn't work for me. Oh and the...
  5. Youniquee

    What the-!? Terra sees the future?

    Hey guys! Well, I was playing BBS and I got the cut scene with destiny islands. Y'know, where he meets Sora and Riku. When it shows MX as a young man looking at the sunset, and it he suddenly turns around...it reveals KH2 Riku? How would Terra imagine that? Heck, even WHY did he? Thanks :)...
  6. Youniquee

    Boss help...Olympus Coliseum: Zack battle 2 [Terra:Proud]

    Hey.. I'm pretty sure I saw a thread with boss fight advice but I can't find it now...so sorry if I posted here. Erm..yeah. This guy is a b*tch! Incase my title wasn't clear, it's the Zack battle that Hades is controlling him and he's been taken over by darkness. I know how to dodge his like 10...
  7. Youniquee

    A few questions about Birth by sleep..(Actually just 2 questions)

    Hey! So i've been playing it..I've completed Aqua and Ventus's story, but that was on standard mode. Disappointed by Aqua's easy final bosses, I decided to play Terra on Proud mode. I heard that to release the Final Episode you have to play all 3 characters on the same mode. Is this true? Why...
  8. Youniquee


    Yeah..Hey..I've mostly been a lurker for like months. But decided to join because I have some questions.. So..Yeah, hope we get along well and I don't bother anyone ;D