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  1. Nyx Winters

    TV ► (SPOILERS) The Run Up To CRISIS (pun intended)

    So with the biggest arrowverse crossover about to begin (Spanning 5 hours) i'd like to take a look at the threads leading up to and changes to timeline and multiverse this crisis will cause, considering we have already lost earth 2 and that looks to be the first of many earths to fall. So i...
  2. Nyx Winters

    New game post kh3.

    What kind of kingdom hearts game do you want for the next installment in the series? A side game following master aqua ven and terra post kh3 in a BBS 2 style game as we see how things have changed for them? A game focusing in on axel and saix as lea and isa as one scenario and roxas and xion...
  3. Nyx Winters

    Christmas Dlc thoughts

    Hey guys do you think we will get any christmas themed dlc this year? If so what do you think that dlc would contain? The return of the decisive pumpkin keyblade? A superboss? What do you guys thing?
  4. Nyx Winters

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Post Release DLC thoughts

    So with all the hype of having Riku as a confirmed playable secret character and Nomura stating that there would be DLC Post game launch i do wonder if we might get DLC in the form of other characters scenarios like an Axel/Kairi scenario involving their training or an expansion on Riku's...
  5. Nyx Winters

    0.2's Secret ending/ ending ideas?

    My personal idea for and ending of 0.2 is a full reveal of the new designs of the lights a few new scenes and the into scene to kingdom hearts 3. With a lead up to that scene from one of the trailers of him picking up master Eraques's kayblade.
  6. Nyx Winters

    (!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!) larxene??

    so i was wondering for anyone who has watched kh 3d gameplay or played it are their any mentions of larxenes backround or her real name or anything bout her or marluxia??
  7. Nyx Winters

    what kairi ment?

    when kairi said "riku had changed" at the start of the game does that mean she could see his heart becoming darker and darker????
  8. Nyx Winters

    what phone

    what kind of phone do you have and why is it so great you see i'm going to buy a new phone soon cause i dislike my iPhone so i'm getting an actual phone my price range is around $350 oh and if you could post a picture
  9. Nyx Winters

    rp partner ship in making a hit man reborn rp

    ok so i have two ideas for it first idea a complete start over Tsune was never chosen to be a candidate instead a young american boy was his name unknown to all besides Vongola ninth and his outside advisor. How will this boy fare with all the terror happening in his life along with a new...
  10. Nyx Winters

    the 10th legacy : battlefield japan a hitman rebirth rp

    The 10th Legacy Battlefield Japan . They came and the war started it raged across Japan they were merciless killed anything in the way. The 10 guardian fought bravely but they were out numbered. That is when the light shone and their friends stood by them Ready to fight for the good...
  11. Nyx Winters

    ds games + $80

    ok so i have 80 dollars and i want another ds game what do you guys recommend personnaly i like rpg's,adventure and free rome games
  12. Nyx Winters

    cat rp welcome to the war [a thechasersblade rp]

    cats bio Centuries before the humens moved in to their territory the three clans[yes only three] lived in peace Riverclan, Thunderclan and Shadowclan they lived in harmony till the leaders got greedy and argued for more land this has ended in bloodshed and war destoying the peace they once...
  13. Nyx Winters

    kh keybladers heal/hurt

    ok you know the rules there will only be 3 rounds no double posting and im sorry but im not including kairi as a keyblader till somone gives me proof of her weilding her OWN keyblade sora-20 riku-20 roxas-20 ven-20 terra-20 master eraqus-20 aqua-20 master xehanort-20 vanitas-20 king mickey-20
  14. Nyx Winters

    warrior cats?

    awile ago i was looking though the bookisle at the school library(i was kinda bored) and i stumbled upon the warriors series by Erin Hunter and as i finished the sixth book i though wow this would make an awsome rp so has anyone got any good ideas for an rp on this series or interested in...
  15. Nyx Winters

    random sugar stuff

    hello guys im hyped up on sugar so i made this this couldv'e happened in days demyx hey zexy poke zexy poke sexy poke zexion: for the love of kingdom hearts what demyx: whats this [holds out object] zexion: thats a yellow lace bra wait why do you have a bra demyx: i took it from...
  16. Nyx Winters

    aqua has a twin

    wtf is it me or am i seeing touble exibit 1 exibit 2 exibit 3 no further evidence me lords and ladies discuss
  17. Nyx Winters


    hey im just gonna throw my question out there okay Q1 are there inter changable keyblades in bbs and Q2 can TAV duel weild
  18. Nyx Winters

    sora's holding way to dawn

    has anyone realised the way sora weilded way to dawn/riku's keyblade when he shot the beam though xenmas's heart is simaler to the way vetus'sweilds his in the trailers and pictures suggesting in a more closer connection between ven and sora
  19. Nyx Winters

    gerard way

    if you think gerard way is the king like me post here the post number and why he is the king ill start 1 because he rocks