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  1. VoidGear.

    You can find some really good art....everywhere but here.

    Okay guys, look. I am entirely irresponsible for everything that you are about to see. If I am in any kind of way responsible for it, read the second line of this again. I'm so sorry, guys. xD But I meant everything I said. No drawing skills here. HOWEVER! I obviously didn't just cut the comic...
  2. VoidGear.

    KHi Supernatural Edition

    Dean Winchester - Muke is his own jokes' greatest fan, always has a snarky comment in stock, constantly surrounded by fangirls Sam Winchester - Grizzly interested in sports and literature, has read more books then others could name, dress-code professional Castiel - Noir the savior we need...
  3. VoidGear.

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    For catcake, my partner in shipping crime, due to Divine Past being a crazy 358/2 Days addict and Muke sending fan art that gives me way too many ideas. You could probably call this a rather different retelling of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. While the beginning roughly follows the timeline of...
  4. VoidGear.

    A few thoughts on 2.8

    I'm finally completely through with 0.2 and feel like sharing a bit of my thoughts towards the entirety of 2.8. I didn't completely finish 3D yet, but since I already did that years ago and it's the only "old" content of the game, I don't see the need to, either. Since there is one thread...
  5. VoidGear.


    I thought KH would be spared from this after Dearly Beloved, but now this happened... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-E1j4EHOWc WHEN WILL IT END----------
  6. VoidGear.

    Rien Appreciation Fanclub

    THIS IS DEDICATED TO OUR MOST BELOVED, AWESOME RIEN WHOM WE'LL CHERISH UNTIL THE VERY ENDS OF OUR LIVES. THANKS FOR EXISTING. <3 Anyone who doesn't join must be foolishly insane!! Members: Voido (Founder) Osprey (Co-Founder) Chuman (The one who made all of this possible)
  7. VoidGear.

    Fanfiction ► Realizations (Haikyuu!!)

    I wrote this little story earlier today in german as two double-drabbles. I felt like translating them, paying attention to making it two double-drabbles again and it actually worked out quite well. :) ____________________ It took no less than six weeks before Koutarou managed to lose his...
  8. VoidGear.

    Voido's shots of summer / spring

    Never be sorry. Everything will become one. Half of me is you. Finished so far: [*=center]Detective / Murder Mystery [*=center]20 Minutes or Less | A Choice
  9. VoidGear.


    So, today I learned that THIS is not really a thing outside of Germany / Austria. My most important question really is: HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE? AHHH. Brötchen are the best thing in the world, so much better than bread, so perfect. HOW CAN ONE NOT WANT TO EAT BRÖTCHEN WITH CHEESE ON THEM IN THE...
  10. VoidGear.

    Devoured (Chapter 5)

    Woohoo, I actually finally did it. This first chapter is more like a prologue, so I suppose it's shorter than future chapters will be. :3 This story is gonna be like a crime novel, so violence, blood and such will be included. :X You have been warned...
  11. VoidGear.

    Why I still love Kingdom Hearts

    Uhm...I hope I picked the right category to put this and that it's okay for me to name it an Editorial. :) If not, feel free to correct me of course. ^-^ (started on January 26th) I don't remember the real reason I started writing this. I suppose I asked myself the question why I still...