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  1. Lumine

    Final Fantasy: Sin

    It was snowing heavily outside. The towering mountains around us were clothed in a thick coat of a freezing white under the dark, moonless sky. The wind was starting to howl with speed, swinging the old and elaborate lanterns around the hall with creaking moans and eerie, shifting shadows...
  2. Lumine

    Final Fantasy: Sin - Sign Ups and OoC [Invitation Only RP]

    We reek Chaos and Pain wherever we go... Our feet only leave destruction in their waking path... Where Could we ever find peace with such a Destiny? Maybe We should Perish... Maybe We should leave this World in Peace... We Cursed Souls...Tainted puppets of the Lord... Give up on our Destiny...
  3. Lumine

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper

    Because I liked the new trailer even more after the difference in quality<3 , I took a snap shot of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 logo in 1366x768p and thought it would be good to share, enjoy ;3.
  4. Lumine

    Scribbles and Doodles~

    Random old scribbles and doodles: Bakuman characters Aoki-san from the manga Bakuman, I messed up the left shoulder T.T Mashiro-kun =3, pointy chin >.<'' but at least he still looks like him =3 except for the colors! I have no idea why I colored him that way XD... Random My original...
  5. Lumine

    The Ancient Tale of Darkness and Twilight ~ RolePlay Thread~

    ~ The Ancient Tale of Darkness and Twilight ~ Hidden... Forgotten... Severed... and at other times Unknown... Tied with hundreds of Fateful threads, Thousands of unrevealed paths, and Choices that carves our very way of Life and beliefs... Our Connected Hearts... The invisible links lead to...
  6. Lumine

    So I might not be on for a while =( ...

    Ok so For an unknow and an awkward reason when I switched on my pc this morning and got on the net, I was able to reach every site you can think of except for KHI. I have no idea what the problem is and until I figure it out, I will not be able to get on >.<. Right now I'm typing this from my...
  7. Lumine


    I don't know if this is the right place, but I just found the Birth by Sleep opening video on youtube. Watch at your own risk. YouTube - KH: Birth by Sleep - Eröffnung / Opening Here's a better version of the opening =) with a good sound quality ^ ^, again watch on your own risk YouTube...
  8. Lumine

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII: The Fate of A Kingdom (RP)

    To Sign up go HERE ~The Fate of A Kingdom~ There is Nothing either good or bad, but Thinking makes it so... William Shakespeare A Modern Isolated Kingdom protected by the Crystals’ songs of swords...
  9. Lumine

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII:The Fate of A Kingdom { Sign-Up/ OOC} Always Joinable

    Hello everyone =) before I begin I'd like to say that this is a Final Fantasy Verusu XIII RP , so if you don't know what exactly it is I recommend watching THAT =) ......Just To get in da mooood lolz The Fate of A Kingdom The Actual Rp Thread Prologue There is nothing either good or bad...
  10. Lumine

    Gone for a week

    Hello everyone =) , I hope yer all doing well ^ ^, Unfortunately I'll be gone for a week or so due to my upcoming mid-term exams =( . I might check things from time to time but I won't be officially on >.<... and to my fellow roleplayers I'm sorry I won't be posting as usual ^ ^ but I'll try n...
  11. Lumine

    Hi There !! =)

    hello everyone ^ ^, I'm new here =), name's Lumine ^ ^ nice to meet ya all ;)