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  1. testify

    Survivor of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombings Dies Monday

    Double Atomic bomb survivor dies in Japan - Yahoo! News I thought this was pretty interesting. This man was there was in both cities when they were bombed. And he survived both bombings. Hard to believe he lived this long after being exposed to radiation twice. So yeah, I just thought I'd post...
  2. testify

    »|Skyes Sexy Fanclub|«

    The one... The only... AXIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To you Axix! Here is the Fan Club I promised you! lol, sorry about all the x's in the title, I had to make it look cool...XD BWAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Our Almighty Overlord: Axix! President: testify Followers: Divide&Conquer Degenerate of...
  3. testify

    need to get caught up

    Ok, i haven't kept up with any news about kingdom hearts or video games in general for about a year or so. I already know about the handheld games, but i barely found out about the release of chain of memories for the ps2. So I know I'm really behind. I know I could look it up but, I just want...
  4. testify

    I'm Back

    Hey everyone, I don't if anybody even remembers me, but I've decided to come back here, this place used to be fun to come to, I think I stopped getting on about a year or two ago...but now I'm back into gaming and figured what the hell. I'm more into Nintendo now, and I own a Wii, so...
  5. testify

    Van Halen...RETURNS!!!

    anyone hear? apparently they are going on a reunion tour, and theyre goin on tour again with eddies son on bass.....my friends said they start the tour in april... so thatll be kickass thoughts..?
  6. testify

    Guns N' Roses!

    over the summer, I went to a store.....and I saw a cd titled "Appetite for Destruction", which featured the song Welcome to the Jungle, which I have heard and i liked the song alot, so I figured maybe they could be a band I could get into.... oh my god.....they are my favorite band right...
  7. testify

    a Zelda movie!?

    please dont flame...I didnt see anythin about this... I just found out about this, an independent Zelda movie....yeahh... Im not sure if this is the right section, but hey, it is Zelda.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5nGVcQN2rE&search=Legend%20of%20Zelda%20movie thats the video, I dont...
  8. testify

    Favorite musical anyone???

    OKAY! Now I know alot of people werent lookin forward to Atlantica, but some people did! What was your favorite song??? If I had to choose, it wold prolly be Ursula's revenge or Under the Sea......this world was weird.....yet strangely cool........I dont know.....prolly more...
  9. testify

    new vid???

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=XBR53o9TJXE EDIT: there is prolly spoilers...... is this a new one....it was added about 15 min. ago......
  10. testify


    I just got a newsletter and it says the PS3 is officially released worldwide in November 2006! Thats earlier than I thought...........heres a link..... http://www.gamespot.com/news/6145972.html dont know if this has been posted before..........just thought anybody who would like the ps3 would...
  11. testify

    The Ficateers!!

    Oathkeeper01: The time has come..........we are the Ficateers.........we protect from spam, n00bs, and etc...........WE FIGHT FORUM STUFF!! .............NOW COME MY FICATEERS!!!............ basically.....just give an explaination of yourself....... I am Oathkeeper01.......or you can call me...
  12. testify

    requesting Deep Dive......

    This is driving me crazy.......I need to see a Good or High quality Deep Dive to download.........not the one on KHinsider vids.................so does anyone have a high quality deep dive I can download????
  13. testify

    new info?

    I just checked kh2.co.uk and they had this info -Kairi speaking (Destiny Islands): Even if we're far apart, I know we'll meet again. -BHK: It's probably fate -(Right after the line above in the trailer) Order Member to BHK: Do you sense Sora? -Apparently Demyx is no good at fighting -Luxord...
  14. testify

    Kingdom Hearts movie

    I am serious! There is supposed to be a Kingdom Hearts movie coming out! To find out, just go to search and type Kingdom Hearts movie. Look for a place called the Magicbox forums and it talks about a movie based on Kingdom Hearts! I'M NOT JOKING!
  15. testify

    Fanfiction ► Sephiroth's Return in KH2

    This is a story I made up about Sephiroth returning in KingdomHearts 2 as the main enemy. Please comment and post what you think about my story. The more posts I get, the more chapters I'll write. This is my second attempt at a fan fic, so please read this and tell me what you think...