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  1. Coffee Lover

    General ► Do You Have a Pet?

    Does anyone on here have any pets? Anyone on here wish they had a pet? Are you a cat or dog person? If you do have a pet, please post a pic! :) I love animals, I'm a cat and dog person. I currently do not have any pets but I dream of becoming a reputable Siberian husky breeder someday.
  2. Coffee Lover

    Coffee Signature for $2

    Hello! I would like a signature. I would like a coffee signature. I want the coffee in the signature to have a heart or hearts in it. I want the signature to look pretty or nice. I am willing to pay $2 for it via paypal. If you are interested, post the signature in this thread. You're just...
  3. Coffee Lover

    PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Nintendo Console vs PC

    Which one do you prefer? Which one do you want to play KH on? PS5, Xbox series X, Nintendo console, or PC? Why?
  4. Coffee Lover

    Politics What Do You Think About President Biden So Far?

    After 1 month, what are your first impressions of President Joe Biden?
  5. Coffee Lover

    The Fine Thread

    Welcome to the Fine Thread! The rules are simple! Talk about fine people in this thread! It can be some cutie with curly hair you saw at wal mart or yummy Lance Gross! Talk about people who you think are just delicious! Pictures are required in every single post please! Also respect other...
  6. Coffee Lover

    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    When do you think you'll get a PS5 or Xbox Series X? I'm not sure whether to wait til the price drops and the slim comes out.
  7. Coffee Lover

    Video Game Reviews

    How much do video game reviews affect whether or not you buy a certain video game? In my case, I rely a bit on reviews. Back when I first started gaming, I was able to get a hold of demos. Now I'm not able to, so I read many different reviews and study on the game a bit. I don't have $60 to...
  8. Coffee Lover

    How do you feel about this gen's games?

    When you compare this gen's games (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) to the last gen's games (Gamecube, Xbox, PS2), how does that make you feel? I mean, would you say last gen's games were better? Would you say this gen's games are better? Do you feel that gameplay improved along with graphics or is this...
  9. Coffee Lover

    Did Adam really have 2 wives?

    When I first read and heard about a woman named "Lilith" I was very skeptical of the theory or whatever of her being Adam's first wife. However, I was reading out of my bible and stumbled on this, Genesis 1: 27-28, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male...
  10. Coffee Lover

    What if God is actually more of a female than a male? (Meant for Christians)

    Okay, most of us believe God and angels have no sex, right? But when Angels came down to earth in the Bible, they leaned toward the male side. They appeared in the form of a male. I've been thinking lately about The Da Vinci Code. If guys wanted to keep women below them, why not say that God...
  11. Coffee Lover

    Video Game Controversey (COD:BO commercial)

    As most of you already know, there's a commercial of Call of Duty: Black Ops that features Lakers' super star Kobe Bryant holding a gun and firing. I can't remember what day, but I was watching ESPN and they were having an interesting discussion about it. YouTube - CALLOFDUTY's Channel...
  12. Coffee Lover

    The direction of music

    I keep hearing people say that today's music sucks and that earlier music (70's, 80's, and 90's) was real music. Is it just that those people grew up listening to those decades music and perfer it over today's music, or is music steady going downhill? Or would you say music is going uphill?
  13. Coffee Lover

    HIV and AIDS

    Global AIDS report shows drops in new HIV cases, AIDS-related deaths - CNN.com This is good, but I hope that the numbers will continue to decrease. Also, why's it taking so long to find a cure or vaccine? How has the HIV and AIDS impacted your life? It impacted mine by making me more...
  14. Coffee Lover

    Need Help from Wii owners or those knowledgeable bout Wii stuff

    I just purchased the Limited edition Wii thing that comes with a Wii, Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort, and one wii remote. The problem is, people keep coming up to me asking, "Do you have another contoller? I want to play with/against you." I only have one remote. Now, I have looked around...
  15. Coffee Lover

    Need Some Help! (Games for Christmas)

    My sister and her husband love to game. I lent them Resident Evil 5 Gold and they absolutely loved it! They also loved God of War and Uncharted. Here's some background on them, if you guys need it. Sister: She loved, loved the first Kingdom Hearts. She doesn't like games that overly...
  16. Coffee Lover

    Am I the Only One?

    Am I the only member on this forum who the mods and staff treat like crap? I've been asking a question for months and months now and they keep ignoring me and then there's other stuff that's going on that is beginning to get on my nerves.
  17. Coffee Lover

    Final Mix Stuff

    I was just wondering will Kingdom Hearts 3DS have the stuff that Kingdom Hearts Final Mix had in it?
  18. Coffee Lover

    Where is the line between rape and consensual? (Not exactly PG rated)

    1. A guy and a girl are . . . you know. The guy gets in and the girl suddenly says "NOOOOOOO!" and he says "YEAH!" and continues. Is that rape? 2. A young woman, 16, marries an older man, 28. She tells him "I don't want it", and he replies "I gotta get it.". Later when they're sleeping on...
  19. Coffee Lover

    Where were you during 9/11?

    Do you remember where you were and what you were doing during the events of 9/11/01? I do, I was in school when it happened. We were doing school work when all the sudden the teacher comes into the classroom, turns on the TV, and we see a plane crash into a giant building. Later that day, My...
  20. Coffee Lover

    *Gasp* That's what Rhianna's Umbrella Means?!

    I was watching random videos on youtube when I stumbled upon comments regarding Rhianna's "Umbrella". This is one interesting link I found: Occult and Prophetic Messages in Rihanna's Umbrella | The Vigilant Citizen Did everyone already know about this?