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    Team Red, Green or Blue?

    I stand corrected. I really hate exercise...but for this game, then I just might enjoy it for once, if the game is supposed to be about walking around anyway.
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    Team Red, Green or Blue?

    If you guys are talking about this game probably being like GO and you have to walk around hunting heartless, I hardly think that's the case. The trailer's "running around" scene looks like that because the game is still in development and they have yet to implement proper texturing, shading...
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    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    Just throwing my two cents in about this: Eventual Future - Sora's time at Quadratum may have happened with some temporal distortion (i.e. "1 year here is 1 hour or 5 years there and vice-versa"), where Sora eventually became Yozora, using his most recent memory of Riku as a "blueprint" of...
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    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    Tifa-Cloud-Sephiroth is something I’d like to see, mostly because we got left with a cliffhanger on their confrontation at the second numbered title (no, the manga interpretation doesn’t count). I’d agree with Spock about Lightning because of her circumstances in her trilogy’s ending…if only...
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    Speculation: Star Wars in KH4 Trailer?!

    I’m really not a fan of the idea.😖SW is just too big. We already have fun little tidbits like Mark Hamill, and Biggs and Wedge in Twilight Town, but I really wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of talking to Luke (or Ray) in a franchise that already has a huge traction of its own.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    At least you’re still 24. How do you think the rest of us feel? 😭 We want to see the series finale before we die from overworking into our 80’s. I agree though. What have they been doing since 2019?😕
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    That horrible news drought was worth it! All that pain and agony of waiting, and now we got rewarded!
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    "Is the news drought over yet? Is the news drought over yet?" and this: I wonder the same thing sometimes.
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    Politics Can We Kick Russia's Ass Now?

    That is a very loaded question. I can't comment on it, but I find myself very antipathetic to Russians these days...
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    Comics ► Is it a bad idea for The Joker to come out of the closet?

    He's not gay. His comic backstory involves the loss of a pregnant wife while struggling with poverty that sank him into insanity. The guy also has way too many issues to be sexually attracted to anyone.
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Oh finally! A post that summarizes my somewhat begrudging acceptance and tolerance of Xion perfectly. Speaking of shipping, I haven’t yet revealed who my preference is for Roxas, but it should be about as obvious as the revelation of Luxu being the traitor. However, that’s beside the point. I...
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    *sigh* Ehh… Somehow even though the controversial LTD about Roxas got voted to an impasse, Naminé still managed to hijack the thread months later. Listen up, time to put it as succinctly as possible and end this. The canon possibility of a Riku/Naminé pair got torpedo’ed to heaven the moment...
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    Film ► Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Live Action Adaptation

    That was one of the more sensitive topics, yes, and I'm not quite sure how to feel about that. However, I was also talking about the fact that these live remakes are getting a bit...how to say this nicely...unnecessary? That's just my opinion though.
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    Film ► Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Live Action Adaptation

    https://edition.cnn.com/2021/06/22/entertainment/rachel-zegler-snow-white/index.html Uh...so, yeah... we finally have an actress for the very first princess. Make of that what you will... If there's already another Snow White thread, just merge it. I won't comment on the obvious elephant in...
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    KH UX Protagonist - Canon Gender?

    I didn’t know this, but, hah! I always hated her writing style. Couldn’t resist.😈 anyway back to the topic at large, Player is male. The movie showed it, the novel showed it, Xehanort’s flashbacks showed it, etc. you know the drill. Player is male.
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    So...are Xion and Roxas half brother and sister?

    It’s complicated, let’s leave it at that. I’d like to correct a few things though. First, genetic information can be transmitted into data, but to what degree is unknown; part of the information in the Garden of Assemblage is actually a RNA sequence. You can theoretically transfer a being’s...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Hold on, this might actually be true. I remember a short scene from KHII when SDG got confused and thought they were seeing double while in the gummi ship. They were making that remark about Twilight Town. It wouldn’t actually be too farfetched to see data manifesting outside a computer.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Guys, there’s just one more thing I don’t understand. If Ephemer and Skuld managed to get back into the real world just as it was ending, why is it still “glitching” when they took a look outside?
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    So...are Xion and Roxas half brother and sister?

    It's hard to describe, but on a technicality, Naminé and Roxas are like twins, with her having even described their relationship as such in the novel, while he and Xion are literally the same person, but that's oversimplifying it. The longer explanation is more complicated. I just hope this...
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    What Would Make You Give Up On Kingdom Hearts?

    All these. It would be difficult to produce satisfying results if the original visionary is gone. I can't imagine KH without Nomura, despite his convoluted plotholes. That is actually quite a serious answer that I didn't expect from you...other than the obvious intentional misspelling, I sort...