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    Quick question about Donald and Daisy.

    I’m replaying KH and Donald says to Daisy, “would you look after the-“ and he gets cut off. Look after what?! His nephews are Traverse Town so it’s not them...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    When did she lose her Keyblade? I rewatched 0.2s ending. When did she lose it? I don’t understand why she didn’t use it on that one scene with Ansem the Wise. It still confuses me.
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    Thinking about each game. What should stay, what should go?

    I've been replaying the series chronologically. Haven't made it too far. (I'm about to finish KHFM). There are aspects from each title I would keep and aspects I would leave or am glad they got rid of. I'll add to it as I complete games. Let's get in to it. BBS Keep: variety in magic. I like...
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    I need help. All I need is one blue one. I've checked all the locations I've found online for where they are and I've already gotten them. If anyone has any idea of one that gets over looked often, let me know please. After getting the trinites, I plan on finishing the game.
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    Possible ground work for theory?

    So I'm replaying the series chronologically and I just started aquas story. (I know, in over a month all I've done is watch back cover and play terra and vens stories. I'm busy). After defeating the magic mirror, it tells you the queen is no more. But terra, ven, and aqua are all not responsible...
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    Things the HD brings to light

    So far, I've only finished Terra's story and am almost done Ventus's story. And that's all I've done in this collection, but I will say that the fish face bothers me more than ever due to the hugely upscales graphics. It didn't bother me on the PSP or even the PS3. But on the PS4, I feel like...
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    Anyone else here?

    I'm in Disney world today and tomorrow and figured I'd try to meet someone from the forums if they were here. Let me know and I'll try to meet up with you
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    Deep Jungle Platforming

    Maybe this isn't good enough to be it's own thread, but I found it interesting that it's possible to get every chest that should need high jump or glide in during your first visit to Deep Jungle. I was wondering if anyone else had managed to do that as well.
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    Sharing viewpoints

    Anyone share viewpoints with characters in the series? I'm replaying KH1 and realizing that,now that I'm a teacher, I agree with one line that Ansem SoD says. "One who knows nothing can understand nothing". I heard that and instantly thought, "wow. He understands teaching children". Anyone...
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    How I think they could handle the keyblades

    So recently I've been getting into the anime Bleach. One thing I noticed is, like the keyblade, the zonpakuto is sentient. I also noticed how, unlike the keyblade, the writers actually use this fact to expand on the lore and create a meaningful bond between sword and weilder. There is an actual...
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    I need help!

    How can I beat Cerberus? It's a one hit kill. I'm at level 123 and he's at 109. I'm just getting frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    So dream drop distance had a demo release in the Nintendo store prior to the games release. That's been the only KH game to do that. But it's also been the only "new" KH game to release on a console with the capabilities of a downloadable demo (I could be wrong about the psp with birth by sleep...
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    Level 1 genie jafar fight.

    how?! I can't do it. I'm legit stuck. How can you effectively dodge the building and fireballs and arms and lightning simultaneously?! Seriously looking for help with this. Most fights I've been pretty good about learning the patterns. But there's no drives, limits, or summons in this fight...
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    Anyone else dislike...

    The direction this site has taken? I used to come here for theories and information. But within the last year, I get agitated reading the threads. "Anyone else dislike flowmotion?" The answer is yes. Have you read any of the posts after a kh3 trailer was posted. Amid all the other negatives and...
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    Hearing familiar voice actors in other media

    My grandmother watches those murder mystery shows, and I coulda sworn I recognized the narrator of this show (I'd Kill For You). After looking it up, it turns out I do have Quinton Flynn memorized. This happened to you? Hear a familiar voice somewhere and have a little freak out moment?
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    What about side quests?

    What side quests would you like to see? I was thinking the other day, and I thought, what if after returning to mount Olympus, Phil tells Sora and the gang they still aren't true heroes. They go to Radient Garden and talk to Merlin who tells them he is returning to Camalot and gives an...
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    Biggest mystery in the KH series.

    WHY DOESN'T MICKEY SAVE YOU IN THE DEMYX FIGHT?! Is he all, "I told him to leave, he deserves this,"? I mean, he can save me when he's not even there story wise (beast castle, land of dragons) but when he's literally at the top of the ledge, nope. forget it. This makes no sense!
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    possible reasoning behind design of Xblade?

    So i was thinking today, "there has to be a reason it's so... unattractive" and I might have a viable reasoning behind the looks. First, lets take a look at said Xblade, http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/jadensadventures/images/3/34/X-Blade.png/revision/latest?cb=20130729180311 Now lets think...
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    Probably just a coincidence, but....

    I'm a teacher, and today we're doing a problem. Well we had 20/7. Which is about 2.8. Instantly I thought, "no way! 20 pieces. 7 of light! I wonder if that also played a part in calling it 2.8." I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence. But still. It's interesting.
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    So i was curious and decided to see what it would look like if we switched Sora's heads on his two KHIII outfits and well.. [/URL][/img] [/URL][/img] It was a quick job,; sorry about the not so great quality. But it looks like sora legit lost weight or something cause his face just looks...