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    Casting Magic

    I know there are tons of magic skills in the Kingdom Hearts series, but I've noticed that they all cast the magic from the Keyblade. Is it possible to use Magic without the Keyblade? or not? I know Stalves can work too, but I mean is it possible to just use it with your hands?
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    10 years in the past...

    So.. I know BBS is 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts. But does that mean the apprentices are 10 years younger than what we see them as now? Or, since Nobodies don't age they'll be the same?
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    XIII Abilities

    What determines the powers of an Organization member? I Xemnas; Attribute: Nothing; Weapon: Ethereal Blades II Xigbar; Attribute: Space; Weapon: Arrowguns III Xaldin; Attribute: Wind ; Weapon: Lances IV Vexen; Attribute: Ice; Weapon: Shield V Lexaeus; Attribute: Earth; Weapon: Axe...
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    After the game is beaten and everything, is there an option to view all of the cutscenes that occur throughout the story? Or is it only after the certain missions that you get to see the cutscenes?
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    Now that we know about this new concept to replace the Summons for the other KH games, since BbS has no destroyed worlds, the Summons concept had to be modified. D-Links has more of a fulfilling feeling to it though. As opposed to some item you find and have a creature come out of it to fight...
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    Keychains signify

    When a Keyblade chooses its wielder, it is in the hands of an unexperienced user. The Keyblade begins with no Keychain. When the user does something significant, or overcomes an inner conflict, or outer triumph, they are granted a Keychain, as a symbol for their hardships. Now, since more than...