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    I always loved to fight these extra tough guys, along the Square Enix history there heve been these boss fights that are way tougher than the final boss and Kingdom Hearts is no exception, they're suposed to be superstrong and fast-paced, and most importantly STRATEGY BASED NOT LUCKY BASED...
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    When Kingdom Hearts becomes a Dark Souls

    The critical mode is the hardest difficulty mode on the franchise (Specially if you do a level 1 playthrough) compared to standard mode and proud mode, the damage you received from enemies is doubled compared to proud mode and tripled compared to standard, and the damage you deal to your foes is...
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    Who's your favorite waifu in Kingdom Hearts?

    There are so many waifus on the series that it would be difficult to decide which one is my/your favorite waifu, but my first choice would be Aqua because she's strong and beautiful, my second choice would be Kairi because although she's not as strong as Aqua she is willing to protect the ones...
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    Characters you feel sorry for.

    Through the franchise we have seen lots and LOTS of characters, among them there are ones that makes you sheed a tear for them (Yes that includes the Organization XIII) due to their sad backstories and noble motivations even if that doesn't excuse their horrid actions (Yes I'm talking about you...
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    Will the accessories be back?

    Almost all KH games (Except KHBBS and KHDDD) allows you to equip accessories such as rings and ribbons, and they were very helpfull specially when you're fighting against the optional bosses like Sephiroth and the Lingering Will, I just hope that the accessories will come back in KH3. The...
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    Kingdom Hearts the hardest game ever?

    There are a lot of challenging situations in the Kingdom Hearts series such as the optional badass bosses (Specially on Critical mode), but here's the question, is Kingdom Hearts the hardest game ever? I don't think so, at least you can level up, apart from the optional badass bosses there are a...
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    Light vs darkness

    In Kingdom Hearts Sora responded to Ansem's gloating about weakness: "That's not true! The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!" And he's right, people's hearts sometimes get corrupted by negative emotions...