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  1. Skykh

    Increased hostility again this series the last few months

    So in the last few months when browsing reddit,resetera and /v/ and even here there is some dislike and disdain against this series. Frequent criticism are of course the story and writing. "This series is for kids and you should feel bad if you like it" This shit is so cringe. The entire...
  2. Skykh

    Are you out after KHIII?

    For me it all depends what they are planning in the future + the secret ending. The next game is probably on the switch, looking at the pattern of the previous entries. Even it's not on the switch, it's on the ps5/new xbox, the ps4 is on its last legs. Nomura is focusing on FFVII Remake right...
  3. Skykh

    Kingdom Heart III developed by BBS team

    RPG Site ‏@RPGSite 2u Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed by the team in Osaka - 1.5 and BBS team. Not Nomura's team.
  4. Skykh

    secret ending part 2

    Basically when u beat critical mode u will unlock part 2 of secret ending Sorry couldnt film it so i descript it
  5. Skykh

    Big event square enix

    Square Enix announcement event set for January 18th- Destructoid - Final Fantasy Versus XIII - Final Fantasy Agito XIII - Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  6. Skykh

    All english cutscenes of Terra/Ven

    YouTube - Mulder4life's Channel
  7. Skykh

    Gamespot review

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review for PSP - GameSpot 7.5/10 Wtf??
  8. Skykh

    Interview Famitsu

    –쑺“N–玁“ƐèƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒrƒ…[I@ƒjƒ“ƒeƒ“ƒh[3DS‘ΉžwƒLƒ“ƒOƒ_ƒ€ ƒn[ƒc 3Dxi‰¼‘èj‚Ì“à—e‚Ƃ́H - ƒtƒ@ƒ~’Ê.com In Japanese
  9. Skykh

    5 reasons why they shouldnt make kh after XH saga.

    1; Voice actors, think about it if kh 3 take 3 or 4 years to make and kh 4 about the same time. Imagine a 30-40 year old voicing a 16 year old boy, girl. Yes they can change the voice actor but i prefer the orginal VA. 2.There arent many disney worlds i dont want play 20 times Agrabah 3. Many...
  10. Skykh

    Riku Got weaker?

    Xehanort Riku>Rikunort> Riku after ansem machine blowup? I mean serieusly even his strongest ability Dark Aura is Greatly NERFED
  11. Skykh

    Xion's Theme Song - Cover w/original lyrics

    YouTube - Xion's Theme Song - Cover w/original lyrics. **SPOILER**
  12. Skykh

    Duelwielding And X-blade

    Theory: I think that duelwielding is a evolution of the X-blade. Reason: Only Sora/Roxas can duel wielding also only Ventus and Vanitas can use the X-blade. The X-blade can only created by pure darkness and pure light, and by duelwield u have Oathkeeper and Oblivion.
  13. Skykh

    another plothole

    I'm starting to lose track. So, now we know that Aqua created Castle Oblivion, as well as the Chamber of Waking when she took Ven to the Land of Departure. However...this all happened AFTER Terra got Xehanortified, and even lost all of his (their?) memories after Aqua blew up the X-Blade. So...
  14. Skykh

    What if...

    Sora have: -Ven and Vanitas memory - Roxas and Xion memory He remember everything about his lookalikes.
  15. Skykh

    There is already a guide(more updating)

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PSP - GameFAQs
  16. Skykh


    I wonder how much censored scene the america version have? I think the last scenes of Vanitas will censored. Vanitas X-blade censored, his face will censored. Braig wound will censored, Eraques death will censored, Aqua scream will censored, Ventus naked body will censored, Terra name will be...
  17. Skykh

    This game is not for children anymore

    Reason: Complex story with characters that have same face. I always thought kh is for kids but it isn't.
  18. Skykh

    Terra turned evil?

    From their conversation, it leaves me to wonder. Is Terra REALLY the lingering spirit? Or is that master Eraqus? The convo pretty much says that both Terra and MX coexist inside his body. Braig also seems to think that in the end Terra is the dominant personality after finding out he lost his...
  19. Skykh

    Mirage Arena live steam

    Tales Square. on Admin place this thread to spoiler
  20. Skykh

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By sleep soundtrack

    YouTube - TimmyTurnersDad's Channel This is the channel. More uploads come soon