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  1. thedairyfairy

    Upcoming Kingdom Hearts Games Possibly (but most likely not) cancelled.

    Kotaku It looks like Squeenix is cancelling some upcoming games. More than likely Kingdom Hearts won't be included in that, but I'd like to hear your thoughts anyways. What're the chances of KH being canned?
  2. thedairyfairy

    Why people wield keyblades?

    Okay, once I finished playing Birth By Sleep, I thought the whole situation with why Sora, Riku and Kairi can weild Keyblades was completely sorted out. But the more I think about Sora, the more confused I get. So tell me if I'm correct here. Sora, because of Ven's heart, can use Ven's...
  3. thedairyfairy

    Two down, two to go?

    I guess reply's to this could be potentially spoilerish for coded, so if you're not into that, don't move on. So, if anybody remembers, Nomura did an interview for the "Another Report" book/guide/thing. In it, he stated that "presently there are 4 main untold stories to consider. 'The period of...
  4. thedairyfairy

    General Confusion

    So I am a little confused about Kingdom Hearts (the actual thing, not the games). First off, I know its supposed to be the heart of all words, but are there multiple? Like on for each realm? Also, is Kingdom Hearts physically the heart shaped moon floating over Xemnas at the end of KHII? Third...
  5. thedairyfairy

    Four Mysteries

    Okay, so I remember Nomura saying in Another Report that there were four untold stories or mysteries left to consider. He said they were the time of Mickey's absence, the time of Riku's absence, Roxas' time in the Organization, and Xehanort's memories or past. So, obviously, Days cleared up...
  6. thedairyfairy

    Does anyone else find it unlikely

    that BBS will still be released this summer in Japan? I have this feeling that because Days is just now getting released that there is no way in hell BBS will be ready by summer?I'm thinking delay. =[ any thoughtS?
  7. thedairyfairy

    Does Anyone Else Feel That

    all the new games were hyped way too much, way too early? Like honestly, it must have been 2 years ago since they announced all the new games, and only now one of them is being released. IN JAPAN. As a result, I felt like all my anticipation has kinda just went away, and I don't care so much...