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  1. blendedhearts

    The Arena

    Far away, in the ruins of an ancient city, there is a place known by few. The Arena. Many stories and legends surround the place. No living soul knows the truth. The only known fact is that in this place, magical ability is lifted to great heights. This is a place where Magi of all kind meet to...
  2. blendedhearts

    [@]The Dexel Fanclub of Super (pervy) Awesomeness!!![@]

    This is the-- drumroll please --Dexel Fanclub! All those wishing to bask in his awesome shall venture here!! Please note that all females must accept the dress code of Kitty ears, french maid outfits, or anything sexy and/or revealing. NO EXCEPTIONS! Members: blendedhearts Mynny fire_man...
  3. blendedhearts

    Take Riku (and the Cake) if you can!

    Reviving an old favorite of mine, but this time with Cake! I bake a nice Cake and then put it in a special container that preserves it. I then find Riku, strap the Cake to his back, and run off with him. Let the Battle begin!
  4. blendedhearts

    The Twilight Zone.

    No, you're not entering the Twilight Zone, but I will soon. That's right, I will be in a production of the Twilight Zone on stage next year. We will be doing the following episodes: The Obsolete Man The Midnight Sun Nothing in the Dark Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Will the Real Martian Please...
  5. blendedhearts

    The Meaning of Life Game

    in this game, you post different reasons why you think we were put on this planet in the first place. Exapmle: (blank) is the meaning of life! try to have fun and be as random as possible.
  6. blendedhearts

    /?:The New Kaos6 Fanclub:?\

    /?:The Mynny Fanclub:?\ Mynny's fantastic emotastic thread is making it's grand come-back! join the Fanclub of the Mighty Lady Kaos! Mynny Minions fans: blendedhearts (#1 fanboy!) Reflection Ningacom dark shadow girl Nelo Angelo Rixam Blue Sky Gildragon Neku99 Endless Reason Xziled...
  7. blendedhearts

    A Book of Fates.

    Daniel rushed at top speed on his bike. He slammed on the brakes as he got to his grandfather's house. He ran inside to the lab and found his grandfather preparing to leave. "What is it this time?" He said. "A pack of Goblins escaped this morning, but luckily they just wandered into the woods...
  8. blendedhearts

    A Book of Fates. (Sign Ups)

    The creatures of folklore and fairytales have always been thought of as fiction. But all that changes when a professor and his apprentice discover another realm, Right next to this one! a person is able to travel to this unknown land via a book simply titled: Fate. now the professor and...
  9. blendedhearts

    hurt/heal contest: KHI members

    as the title suggests, this is a hurt/heal contest for members of this forum. as soon as ten people enter, we can play. RULES: if you are in the current contest, you can't hurt or heal yourself. only one hurt and heal per person per day. Current contestants: blendedhearts one-winged axel...
  10. blendedhearts

    this has gone too far...

    okay, all you jerks who are still giving me a hard time, can you just stop? the reason D gave for banning me was "You may have been the one who was winning, but I'm the one who just won." that's not fair at all! she's abusing her mod abilities. please, I'll lie and say all that stuff you want me...
  11. blendedhearts

    the F.G.A.T. mascot design thread.

    since we are a team, I figure we should have a mascot. therefore I made this thread for any design ideas. all members of the FGAT can give their own mascot designs here. NOTICE: I'd like people to stop spamming all these pics. I'm only counting the FGAT's ideas.
  12. blendedhearts

    The F.G.A.T.'s Omin-Clone Thread

    In honor of Mynny's return, I've decided to make this game. in this thread you must act as your Anti-self. only F.G.A.T. members can play. the next post will kick things off. EDIT: if you are not in the FGAT, but still want to play, come here. there's a typo in the name, it's supposed to be...
  13. blendedhearts

    The Anti-Thread

    In honor of Mynny's return, I've made this special forum game. in this thread you must act as your anti-self. for non-FGAT members only. the next post kicks it off.
  14. blendedhearts

    /?:The Kaos6 Fanclub:?\

    Well, she started one for me, but if anyone deserves a fanclub, it's her. The Queen of Randomness, the Mistress of Forum Games, and the kewlest member of KHI, Ladies and Gentle men please give it up for Mynny! *applause* Happy B-Day! Member list: blendedhearts Reflection ShadowRikuRising mon...
  15. blendedhearts

    the (new) F.G.A.T.

    Well since our last thread got deleted, I figured I should make a new one. This is the HQ of the Forum Games Attack Team. Team list: blendedhearts (Team captain) Kaos6 (Second-in-command) _Nadie_ Blue Sky Staulmaster Reflection (Current techie) Dawning Twilight Gildragon (Double-agent) Cef...
  16. blendedhearts

    Nightmare Makers.

    okay, this is a game where you destroy someones dreams. now here's how you play: one person will post a dream and the next person to post has to turn it into a nightmare. EXAMPLE: "i'm dreaming i'm in a field of flowers." "the field is suddenly on fire." basically just make something great...
  17. blendedhearts

    The Sig Extension thread.

    if you have a big sig, but it's still not enough for you, or if you want to put something in your sig that's too big for it, this is the place to take care of that. basically, this is where you show your entire sig. you can put a link in your sig for people to read it incase they want to...
  18. blendedhearts

    kh2 opening.

    well, i just recently got my own copy of kh2, and there's something i noticed. the first thing is: i was watching the TT title sequence, and the train going by was King Mickey's train. who else has noticed? the second thing is not really something in the video, but it has to do with it. for a...
  19. blendedhearts

    kingdom hearts, a new journey.

    hi, here's my first fan fic attempt, so feel free to comment, but please go lightly on the criticism. Prologue. The endless abyss: an aptly named void, where there is only darkness, and a place called Kingdom Hearts. But Kingdom Hearts is more than just a place. It is the heart of all, the...
  20. blendedhearts

    theory on the title of bbs

    i know all these theories about bbs are getting annoying, but i have an idea about what birth by sleep might mean. NOTE: my theory is based off other peoples theories. ok, what i think happened is: MX was eventually killed but his heart and soul stole terra's body, resulting in the birth of...