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    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    We know that -Time Travel is possible -Master of Masters knows everything that happens in the future -Sora has an unusual set of powers/affinity with the keyblade so much so that he is recognized by every keyblade wielder in the series. -The Master of Masters had a fun goofy personality...
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    Interesting observations on interesting pictures

    I've linked some images- the first are the Unions. I notice that there are 20 stars exactly around it. (13 darkness 7 of light?) Also the symbol in the middle is very curious Heart and Spikes Demon Wing Angel Wing It reminds me of the No name keyblade (linked below) And upon further...
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    Can someone explain why Ventus AND Roxas shows up in this screenshot? I never considered them different people. I always thought Roxas and Ven were the same due to their obvious connection - I mean I guess it makes sense but the implications could lead to a revelation in KH3 Thoughts?