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  1. Empress Mitsuru

    Has Frozen actually been confirmed?

    A lot of threads talk about Frozen being a world as if it's been officially confirmed, but from what I gather there's nothing official yet.
  2. Empress Mitsuru

    Emblem Heartless

    According to the Secret Ansem reports the Emblem Heartless are created using a machine, but there are far too many for all of them to be Xehanort's test subjects. My theory is hearts consumed by Emblem Heartless become Emblem Heartless themselves.
  3. Empress Mitsuru

    Could Wreck-It Ralph still be a world?

    A lot of people seem to think Wreck-It Ralph's been ruled out as a possible world because of the title character being confirmed as a summon, but don't forget Genie was a summon in both the first game and KH2.
  4. Empress Mitsuru

    THEORY: The clash of light and darkness will take place at the halfway point of the story

    Master Xehanort's planning a huge fight between The 13 Seekers of Darkness and the 7 Guardians of Light to summon the X-blade, but if the whole Organization are still around by the end of the game the last level would be one huge boss rush (at least 13, to say nothing of whatever alternate forms...
  5. Empress Mitsuru

    What if Vanitas isn't one of the 13 Darknesses

    Most people think Vanitas is a member of the Organization, and him wearing a black coat supports this, but what if this is just to mislead us? Ansem the Wise wears a black coat but there's nothing to suggest he's a vessel.
  6. Empress Mitsuru

    Who do you want to see as the boss in Corona?

    I've seen a few debates on this topic. I'm rooting for Marluxia.
  7. Empress Mitsuru

    What's Ienzo up to now?

    In 3D he's seen giving Lea orders, could that mean he's become the new ruler of Radiant Garden, or at least a high-up in the restoration comity?
  8. Empress Mitsuru

    Should Frollo appear again?

    I thought he was totally wasted in 3d so I really hope he appears again at some point, maybe as a member of the 13 darknesses.
  9. Empress Mitsuru

    Who is the most evil FF villain ever?

    In my opinion it's between Emperor Mateus, Professor Hojo and Gerrith Barrington.
  10. Empress Mitsuru

    Marluxia's somebody in Tangled world

    This was a theory I came up with recently, the new Marluxia-themed nobody appears in the Tangled world, plus most of the local heartless are plant based. This makes me think Marluxia's somebody might make an appearance, maybe working with Mother Gothel.
  11. Empress Mitsuru

    Larxene is Darla Dimple?

    They have blond hair and blue eyes, similar personalities, Darla mentions thunder and lightning in her song, need I say more?
  12. Empress Mitsuru

    Justin Bieber in Bora Bora

    Has anybody else seen those pictures yet?
  13. Empress Mitsuru

    Favorite and least favorite FF characters

    Everybody has FF characters they like and hate, Squall's always been a personal favourite of mine. My most hated FF character has got to be Gerrith Barrington from Tactics, in case anybody's wondering why, he habitually rapes a 13-year old girl and it's implied that he's impregnated her and he...
  14. Empress Mitsuru

    True Organzation 13 unidentified members

    The 13 darknesses have six unidentified members, I was wondering if anybody has any theories on who they are. I personally think possibilities include Master Xehanort's nobody, Braig and/or Isa's Heartless and at least one Disney villain.
  15. Empress Mitsuru

    Dandelion Heartless in Tangled world

    The trailer for kh3 features a new type of Heartless in the tangled world that looks like a dandelion clock, has it been confirmed what they're called yet?
  16. Empress Mitsuru

    New Final Fantasy characters in future Kingdom Hearts games

    This is something I'm sure a lot of us have been wondering about for a while, what new FF characters might appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 and beyond. I've made a list of possibilities and explained what role they could play: * Kefka; A story relevant crossover between Final Fantasy VI and The Black...
  17. Empress Mitsuru

    Organization XIII's Heartless

    At the moment we don't know for sure what Organization 13's Heartless are and maybe never will, but here are my personal guesses; Xigbar - ? Xaldin - Kurt Zisa or Antlion Vexen - ? Lexeaus - Guard Armor (Seeing how there are multiple Guard Armors that could hint that other guards from...
  18. Empress Mitsuru

    Bleach: Mayuri Kurotsuchi haters unite!

    I was wondering if anybody else hates Mayuri as much as I do. He's one of the sickest characters in the series and him getting away with everything he's done makes me hate him even more.
  19. Empress Mitsuru

    New FF characters in KH3

    I'd like to see Rubicante as either a new right hand man for Maleficent or a super boss.
  20. Empress Mitsuru

    Redemption for Xemnas

    I personally think Xemnas might be redeemed in KH3 seeing how he's partially Terra.