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  1. EricM

    Cutscenes with no BGM?

    Hi there! I'm working on a GMV, and I want to use a line that a character says. The problem is that there is music playing in the background. I've tried fiddling around with Audacity, but I've had no luck. Does anybody know of a source online that has KH: BBS cutscenes that have no music?
  2. EricM

    General KH

    So, this was my first try at making a AMV/GMV and I thought I'd put it here for some critiquing. :)
  3. EricM

    Not good enough.

    Hey, So I know I'm a little new to the forums, but I thought I'd ask for some advice anyway. I was on Facebook, minding my own business, when someone posted about Pixar greenlighting Finding Nemo 2. There was a comment on the status about what the movie would be about, and I commented that I...
  4. EricM

    Demyx Time on the brain

    With the release of DDD in a few weeks, I can't help but thinking back to something outside of Square Enix that brought a different, enjoyable flare to KH. A group of cosplayers in England created a talk show/drama led by The Melodious Nocturne, and it was awesome! Did anybody besides me watch...
  5. EricM

    Actors in a Real KH Movie?

    So, I thought one day "What would happen if Square Enix took one of their most beloved series and turned it into a film?" Granted, this has happened before with Advent Children, but then I thought about Kingdom Hearts. And then I thought "Well, what if they made it with animated Disney...
  6. EricM

    The "Who's More Badass?" Game!

    So, I've went back and seen a few threads like "Saix vs Marluxia" thread, and I wanted to open the floor to an arena that would pit any member of the Kingdom Hearts Universe against another. So without further ado: Who's more Badass? Merlin or Master Yen Sid?
  7. EricM

    Networking After a Convention.

    Hi, So I wanted to share a story and ask for a bit of advice. This year was my second year going to Anime North and I had gotten some email addresses from different panelists. As soon as the convention was over, I had to start an internship for school and halfway through the month, I was...
  8. EricM

    How to RP Properly

    I have a friend who spends any minute she has roleplaying. She's talked to me about it so much that its finally sparked an interest and is something I'd like to try. So, I have a few questions before I get started. 1. What is the difference between a roleplay and a round robin? 2. How often...
  9. EricM

    The RokuNami Playlist

    Hey! I was trying to find examples of a RokuNami playlist to compare my own to. And to my surprise, there were none on Tumblr or Youtube, that or Google's broken. Anyway, since I couldn't find one, I ended up posting it on Tumblr. Check it out! :D
  10. EricM

    Hi! :D

    Hey Everybody! I'm Eric and I'm new around here. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm from Canada and I really wish the icy cold stereotype was true because its Summer and its hotter than hell! I love music. Right now I'm listening to Paramore (Neverending obsession with those guys)...