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    Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much.
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    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    Hi everyone. A couple days ago I did something I feel bad about, and I wanted to apologize for it today while also spreading some more positivity in a better way. A couple days ago, I commented on someone else’s thread in a way that wasn’t very nice of me, and I did so because I let my anger...
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    News ► Photos of new Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko POPs, Dark Aqua & Axel with Chakrams exclusives revealed

    These look great! I think I might pick up a couple of them. Probably the Axel and Kairi figures.
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    The Crown

    I really like your theory! It would make a lot of sense in my opinion. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I could see this working really well with the story of future Kingdom Hearts games.
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    Why has Sora's hair changed?

    It's not a stupid question. I think it's actually a good question. Although, I don't really know the answer myself either. If I were to guess, it mostly would have to do with the magic of the three good fairies. Or, it might simply just be a difference in design on the development team's part...
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    I just love how there are more mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts III than the average Mario game.

    A very good point, but this was simply meant to be humorous.
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    I just love how there are more mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts III than the average Mario game.

    It's great how similar Remy's cooking is to the Mario universe. Almost every world you visit has mushrooms growing that you can collect and cook up into delicious foods that give you special bonuses and status effects.
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC

    This DLC is sounding more and more exciting to me! The fact that we're getting a little bit off free DLC along with the paid DLC really brightens my day and shows me that the team really cares about the fans. That paid DLC sounds like it will be really worth it too. As I've said before, I know...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    I've got to say, I am impressed by what I see! This DLC looks awesome to say the least! It looks like it will really add to an already great game. I'm really excited now!
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    Specific Aspects You Loved About KH3

    I loved a lot of things about Kingdom Hearts III. There's way too many things I loved about it to list them all, but the sheer amount of things I was impressed by overtakes any of the negative aspects for me. There are just way too many amazing things in Kingdom Hearts III to call the game as a...
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    What Did Xehanort (Boy In Black) See In The Intro Video?

    I absolutely love that symbolism. What you’re saying makes complete sense to me, and it’s so deep too.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    I actually didn’t mean to make it sound like that’s what you were saying. I’m sorry that it came across that way. I actually just meant to express why I thought the next Kingdom Hearts game could still be successful, even if it didn’t reach Kingdom Hearts III’s level of success. I’m sorry if it...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    While I do agree that the next Kingdom Hearts game probably won’t sell as well as Kingdom Hearts III, I do think there is a possibility it could come close. The reason I say that is because I do believe the amount of people who express their opinions online for Kingdom Hearts doesn’t necessarily...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    Well this is excellent news! I absolutely loved Kingdom Hearts III, and it makes me so happy that it sold so well! Now I'm looking forward to the DLC and whatever comes after that. I can now say that regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all.
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    Spreading Positivity for Kingdom Hearts III

    I just want to thank everyone who has responded so far for their wonderful input and powerful messages they have shared. All of you have inspired me and helped me see your points of view. It’s amazing to see all of your powerful reasons as to why each of you became Kingdom Hearts fans. It’s...
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    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    I felt a mixture of hope and sadness at first. I thought KH3’s ending was absolutely beautiful. Even the sad part was beautiful, and was very reminiscent of how Kingdom Hearts as a series is. The war against Xehanort was not without its sacrifices, and I think that is just so beautiful, even if...
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    Spreading Positivity for Kingdom Hearts III

    I used to really enjoy coming to this website. I loved coming to an online community that was so passionate and excited about Kingdom Hearts. While I do still come across that positive energy every now and then, it seems like after the release of Kingdom Hearts III, there’s a lot more pessimism...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's Critical Mode will be arriving tomorrow!

    This is a very nice surprise! I wasn't expecting Critical mode to be released so soon! Even if it's just a little more difficult than Proud mode, I will be very satisfied. The fact that they even took the time to release this extra mode for us shows their dedication to the game and wanting to...
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    DLC preview at TGS?

    If we do end up waiting that long for the DLC announcements, I would be fine with that. I want them to take their time with the DLC so that it can really be worth it and add to the game. I personally felt satisfied with Kingdom Hearts III's content, as I felt it was more than enough. However, I...