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    Interview with Nomura about story writing. Very interesting, he really is the master of everything.
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    Question about the concert pamphlet

    The pamphlet that was sold in Japan comes with english text too?.
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    Tetsuya Nomora: The Kingdom Hearts Interview

    Tetsuya Nomora: The Kingdom Hearts Interview | GamesRadar
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    Two new images.

    S-E uploaded them to their press site.
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    Question about Simple & Clean/Sanctuary remixes

    Simple & Clean (Language Mix) Simple And Clean (Rising Sun Remix) Simple & Clean (Club Mix) Simple & Clean [Hyper B Mix] Sanctuary (No One's Dream Anymore) Sanctuary (Voice of The Future) any of this are official or just fan remixes?.
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    About Ultimania interview

    There is any place with all the interviews so far translated?. I can find some (forum search, heartstation...) of them but it's giving me a headache, any place to go for a quick reference?, thanks.
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    Sora, Vent and the keyblade

    I'm a little confused, for some reason I have this idea on my mind that the only reason the keyblade choose Sora in KH1 is because he have Vent's heart, is that true?. The fact that Sora have Vent's heart is something that help him in any way?, is he the choosen one because Vent?, is he more...
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    Kingdom Hearts ReC's Avatar System Detailed

    Spicy sauce: This Week's Flying Get (, 08.25.2010) From Famitsu.
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    RSS fedd for the news section?

    There is any?, I used in the past the twitter feed but that is gone, right?.
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    Fake Kingdom Hearts

    I was reading some old threads and I found that some people call "fake" the KH Xemnas was creating. Is this stated in KHII or is from some of the Nomura's interviews?.
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    KH japanese portal site

    For some reason I can't enter the japanese portal, I get an error in japanese and the 358/2 days site won't load for me (stuck at 50%), Bbs site works fine. I wonder if someone have the same problem. KINGDOM HEARTSbSQUARE ENIX
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    Yoko Shimomura article

    Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve Composer) Interview Nothing big but interesting if you wanna know Yoko's career.
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    European cover [Hi-res]
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    Some questions

    -About Namine, the official word is that he is not a regular nobody, right?, he is a special entity or a special nobody because Kairi's heart never got swallowed by darkness, right?. -When a strong heart turn into a heartless, what happend to the body?, I know that the body+soul form a nobody...
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    Nomura interview: The origin of KH

    Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts' Past, Present: News from They could put a chainsaw as a joke weapon in KHIII :lol: