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    Just some thoughts that were bugging me....(Reconnect Spoilers)

    1. If Ansem the Wise is with Aqua, will he travel with her so that they can both escape or will Ansem succumb to his pity party? 2. If Aqua were to learn about the connection between Sora/Ven, would she try to get Sora to relinquish Ven's heart by force?
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    Does anybody have a username to borrow for that website so we can watch that walkthrough of Coded??? Youtube's stopped posting the videos of the walkthrough...What happened to that guy who actually did offer his username!? P.S. This is not SPAM or HACKING involved.
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    No new 358/2 Days?

    No new manga scans?? Did I miss something? I was hoping they'd continue....