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    Keyblade Legacy

    Just popping in to say that Marluxia is a Union leader. Also, if Brain is who we think he is, he has to live long enough to have children so that his family line can continue all the way down to Eraqus.
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    8/19 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quest, Event Updates

    <p><a href="">Premium Quests</a>&nbsp;for 8/19~8/25:</p> <p><a href=""><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt=""...
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    News ► Scholastic to publish new Kingdom Hearts novel series, official character handbook

    I wonder, on a scale of 1-10, how mad Nomura was when he found out about this, if he has. Not even Kanemaki claims that her official novel adaptations are fully canon.
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    8/16 Union χ JP Update: <SB> KHIII Dark Riku, Monstropolis Sora avatar, Event Update

    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="600" height="248" /></a></p> <p><a href="">KHIII Special Draw</a> from 8/16~8/26 features...
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    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    I have no idea how you interpreted my post as saying I approve of their decision to exclude characters. I'm saying it's unrealistic to expect those licensed toys in KH and that they are not a necessity for the world. As long as they have Woody and Buzz, they can make do with a mishmash of...
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    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Because the film does not revolve around a small handful of licensed toys. They were able to make do with the original toys and those that are fair use while making up a convenient reason to exclude the others.
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    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Idk if SE can even afford the rights to use Potato Head, Slinky and Barbie. These are real toys owned by real companies; just trying to get permission would be difficult.
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    8/12 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, Raid + Ranking Updates

    <p><a href="">Premium Quests</a> for 8/12~8/18:</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="600" height="131" /></a></p>...
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    Status of the X Blade post KH3

    Beats me, Nomura's only commented on this once and he gave no more information than that. I think Kanemaki may have gone into a bit more detail in the novels, but I don't own this particular volume so I can't check.
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    Status of the X Blade post KH3

    Way to Dawn came into being by using Soul Eater as an intermediary.
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    Does Union X include all story content from browser kh X [chi] browser game

    There's about 18 scenes total that aren't in UX. Of course I'm going to recommend our own. goldpanner and I have been working together on these KHX videos long before anyone else. She is an incredibly talented translator, and the very best in the KH community. Some of her translations have...
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    (SPOILER) Union X: Fusion

    For the most part, you're correct. All of the past Disney worlds were fillers copy/pasted directly from the films. WIR is the outlier in that it was influencing the main story, which is what led the Player and Ephemer to investigate it in the first place. The bulk of this world so far has also...
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    Status of the X Blade post KH3

    I can't imagine performing a Rite of Succession on an existing wielder would really do anything. It's already a huge stretch to call Xehanort's passing of the X-blade to Sora as such anyways.
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    Does Union X include all story content from browser kh X [chi] browser game

    Yes, you've got most of it right. The big thing is that it's not just the Keyblade War itself that has been omitted from UX, but also the very important events leading up to it. UX has a few flashbacks and characters will make references to these scenes, but it is highly recommended that you...
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    (SPOILER) Union X: Fusion

    Subbed videos are up! As always, thanks to goldpanner <3 <3 <3
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    (SPOILER) Union X: Fusion

    My precious boy has returned 😭 Very intrigued by the Cy-Bug/Darkling fusion. Gonna be interesting to see where this goes.
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    (SPOILER) Union X: Fusion

    <p><span>KINGDOM HEARTS Union X updated with 5 new story quests (No. 896~900). </span></p> <p><span>Watch the scenes now with English subs, translations by <a href=""><strong>goldpanner</strong></a>!</span></p> <center> <p style="text-align...
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    8/8 Union χ JP Update: <SB> Upgrades, Event Updates

    <center><a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="600" /></a></center> <p>Axel, Roxas and Xion SP Ver can now be upgraded to SB/SB+! For this occasion, <a...
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    8/5 Union χ JP Update: <SB> KHIII Xemnas, Damage Contest

    <p><a href="">Premium Quests</a>&nbsp;for 8/5~8/11:</p> <center></center><center><center><a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a></center> <p style="text-align...
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    Theory: Ven Killed Sterlitzia

    It's possible they will repurpose that scene to be more relevant to UX, but Xigbar seeing Xion as Ven in Days was long since confirmed to be a reference to BBS. Likewise with his line of "You're not half as strong as the others" to Sora in KH2.