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  1. furusatoe

    Are you more or less optimistic about the writing for future titles?

    I don't see this as a veiled question as to whether you liked KH3 or not. I think it's possible to have been disappointed with KH3, but also relieved that the Xehanort saga is at least finished and Nomura can move on to new threads. Maybe even escape some of the webs of convolution he weaved...
  2. furusatoe

    If you can only add THREE THINGS to improve KH3 via DLC, what would they be?

    I understand this is similar to the threads asking for what you want in the Final Mix version of the game, but I see the constraint of three additions as notable enough to warrant its own thread. None of us are going to get everything we want, so I'm curious to know the three things that are...
  3. furusatoe

    What are they looking at?

    I haven’t seen any discussion about this aspect of the ending I found curious.
  4. furusatoe


    I just finished the game last night and have some questions about how Xion is utilized in this game. Note that I have only watched the cutscene movie of Days, which may be why I'm confused.
  5. furusatoe

    Using keyblade transformations and situation commands

    I'm pretty familiar with using the situation commands from my experience with 0.2, but as I was playing last night I wanted to know if there was a way to know when a transformation or a situation command is about to expire? I know there is a timer to activate them, but once activated is there a...
  6. furusatoe

    RE: Graphics, Framerate, etc.

    RE: Graphics, Framerate, etc. Started my playthrough tonight and was surprised to discover that a) the graphics haven’t changed much from 0.2 and b) there is no significant improvement in the framerate problems 0.2 suffered from when playing on a regular PS4. Anyone else feel this way? For...