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    What is the Next Game?

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a thread asking the question as simply as this, so sorry if there is one, but what is the general consensus of KHI on what the next game to come out in the series will be? Thanks
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    Dream Drop Distance's Development stage?

    Just wanted to see how far you think they are into the game, cos I'm actually quite curious when they started development. Would they be passed world selection and plot ideas? Post what you think
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    Who do you want playable in BBSv2?

    There's talk of BBSv2 being a multi scenario game and Nomura has hinted at it in the Re coded Ultimania, so post and vote for who you want in it playable and why. I know Aqua is most likely to be playable, but the 3 I really want to see is: Mickey's time in the RoD after KH1 Where Riku was in...
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    Massive BBS theory!!!

    I read in the most recent update that malificent is searching for the princess of heart so... The worlds must be the princesses home worrld because we've already seen Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. So the worlds are Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty's world, Snow whites forest, Beasts...