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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Setlist and Special Messages

    I have tickets to the show on June 29. Due to a scheduling conflict, I’m wondering if anyone with tickets for the night before would be willing to trade. 2 tickets for 2 tickets
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    World of Tres Concert Impressions

    I’m pretty pumped for June 29th now!
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    The Chamber of Repose

    It could be possible that the voices heard were Xemnas and Young Xehanort. Or even Xemnas and Ansem SoD. It’s pretty apparent that they were attempting to do the whole 7+13 to get the x-blade with the princesses and original organization. I’m sure they had to have meetings. Especially when Ansem...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    It literally just vanished and we’re supposed to assume that meant it went to the realm of light when it looked as if it was just a case of “the camera angle just didn’t have it in the shot”
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    I haven’t gotten to the end of the game again yet. So I’ve only seen it once. (When I migrated my save files and whatnot from my old PS4 it deleted all my KH3 data from my new one where I had beaten the game). But I still stand on the fact that it wasn’t the full reason. It was a crappy...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    I know it wasn’t shown. That’s my point. Showing the Keyblade being separated from her would have made it more acceptable. With the gap in time, I feel as though she should have lost it in the fight on the beach so it could be shown being separated from her and there wouldn’t have been a...
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    I don’t think the purpose of her getting kidnapped was to motivate Sora. Xehanort stated that he would use the new 7 pure lights if there weren’t enough guardians. Since she was one of them, it literally had to be her. Xehanort said he needed one more key. Let’s say he decided to fight all...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    If 0.2 showed it floating away, I’d be on board. But after showing it on the beach, the screen didn’t pan over that far again. So I assumed she “put it away” or de-summoned it. However you wanna put it
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    But the Keyblade wasn’t from that world either. So it shouldn’t have gone to Destiny Islands either.
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    The issue with that plot point is that it’s a large gap imo to assume her Keyblade laying next to her meant it was floating to the realm of light. Does that mean that if she was laying 1 foot to the right when the worlds were restored that she would have gone to the realm of light? I can get...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    I’m all for the stretches this series makes, but I just assumed it could still be summoned since ya know, that’s always been the case with every Keyblade in the series. Her losing it is a big stretch.
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    When did she lose her Keyblade? I rewatched 0.2s ending. When did she lose it? I don’t understand why she didn’t use it on that one scene with Ansem the Wise. It still confuses me.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    But it was bought on the black market. Lol. (This is sarcasm as I made that statement about someone getting it for Christmas a while ago)
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Facebook market place is hardly the black market. It’s like the blue marked.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    What if the people who bought them legitimately bought them as Christmas gifts? Maybe Christmas day, we'll see a few "I got KH3 early for Christmas!" tweets or something
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    Thinking about each game. What should stay, what should go?

    I've been replaying the series chronologically. Haven't made it too far. (I'm about to finish KHFM). There are aspects from each title I would keep and aspects I would leave or am glad they got rid of. I'll add to it as I complete games. Let's get in to it. BBS Keep: variety in magic. I like...
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    I need help. All I need is one blue one. I've checked all the locations I've found online for where they are and I've already gotten them. If anyone has any idea of one that gets over looked often, let me know please. After getting the trinites, I plan on finishing the game.
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    Possible ground work for theory?

    So I'm replaying the series chronologically and I just started aquas story. (I know, in over a month all I've done is watch back cover and play terra and vens stories. I'm busy). After defeating the magic mirror, it tells you the queen is no more. But terra, ven, and aqua are all not responsible...
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    Things the HD brings to light

    So far, I've only finished Terra's story and am almost done Ventus's story. And that's all I've done in this collection, but I will say that the fish face bothers me more than ever due to the hugely upscales graphics. It didn't bother me on the PSP or even the PS3. But on the PS4, I feel like...
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    Anyone else here?

    I'm in Disney world today and tomorrow and figured I'd try to meet someone from the forums if they were here. Let me know and I'll try to meet up with you