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  1. Sha19

    Best place to get cosplay costume

    I was wondering were you can get good cosplay costume online. For costume, wigs, accessories, props, and shoes.
  2. Sha19

    Kingdom Hearts 3 at tgs 2017

    What do you guys hope to see at the tokyo game show? It can be anything you think of. I hope to see made a new world, game play, any playable characters.
  3. Sha19

    After Kingdom Hearts 3

    Is there going be more Kingdom Hearts after 3 or implied?
  4. Sha19

    I have idea about SR/TVA

    I have idea and is not a theary. :idea:I wonder have anybody have thought about Sora, Riku, Terra, Ven, and Aqua are from Destiny Islands. Because I begin think that they all come from Destiny Islands. and they might be connted that have. This my first post and this is just an idea for...