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    Not understanding the story of KH3 is like failing a test you had 13 years to study for

    Every negative KH3 review in a nutshell: "I've played both Kingdom Hearts 1&2, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the Lore of the series, yet the story was just too confusing for me." If your teacher gives you a study guide and tells you which chapters to read in the textbook for...
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    COM Gameplay Appreciation thread

    I've noticed that there is a lot of hate from the KH community in regards to the card gameplay in both versions of chain of memories. However the purpose of this thread is different. I want all you to list and explain all the positive details about COM's gameplay in order to show how genius it...
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    Today is the 5 year anniversary of...

    Posted 14 minutes ago On this day 5 years ago was Sqaure's official reveal of Kingdom Hearts III along with its first trailer Look at the date
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    Did Organization 13 lure Sora to C.O. with Pluto?

    Remember how the letter Pluto had at the end of KH1 was never touched upon. I think I know why, it wasn't a real letter. Here's what I believe might have happened. The last time we see Pluto with the gang in kh1 is when they're in traverse town. He is then seen again in that grassy field and...
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    FF beginners for KH fans

    I have never played a Final Fantasy game before, but if I ever decide to do so I'd like to know: Is it necessary to play all the games to understand the whole story? If the answer to the above question is no, please list all the FF games worth playing. Are there spinoffs of certain numbered...
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    Organization 13 complete Compilation clips

    Here is a compilation of all cutscenes from the entire KH series, that I made, about Organization 13 in chronological order. I know this is something that many KH fans have been wanting to see so here it is...