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  1. Lokifan

    Who else thinks Goofy is up to something?

    I don't know why i thought of this, but i watched throughout ALL of the KH games, but i have a slight feeling Goofy could be secretly against us? Like turn on us at some point or is controlled by Maleficent into doing something he didn’t want to? or it was a deal to save a kidnapped Max...
  2. Lokifan

    I just beat Clayton, but cant get back to Traverse Town?

    OK i just beaten Clayton, and finally finished the Tarzan world. It says need to go back to Traverse Town to talk to Leon but it wont let me go there? the only world i need to finish is Hercules -_-, do i need to do that before going there?
  3. Lokifan

    TheGamersJoint Using Subscribers For Money?

    Lately, TheGamersJoint has been making pointless videos solely based on Kingdom Hearts. But is he really using his subscribers and possibly the X-Keepers for money and fame? I've also noticed that he's stealing ideas from HMK and posting them as "exposed" or of his own thoughts, he dosnt even...
  4. Lokifan

    Is Roxas evil in this?

    he seems really dark and menacing, fits his character
  5. Lokifan

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Ending

    What do you think will happen in the ending of KH3?
  6. Lokifan

    Is It me, or is TheGamersJoint way too Obsessed with Kingdom Hearts?

    Iv'e noticed a lot lately that You tuber TheGamersJoint or Cynical is getting to way over the top with KH? I know he's a fan and i am too but it's too much, So he sits around all day watching the same trailers over and over just to get points and make pointless videos on which we already know...
  7. Lokifan

    Could Vanitas be considerd as an Adult?

    I’ve noticed, Vanitas looks a lot older than Ventus and Sora, His height also works out too, during BBS when Ventus was standing next to MX he was around MX's elbow in height while when Vanitas stands by him he's taller than him! did they do it just to make him look more superior to Ven and...
  8. Lokifan

    Who do you think the mystery Org XIII member is?

    In Back Cover? some say it's Demyx, Axel or Sora.....
  9. Lokifan

    What should i call my Characters Keyblade?

    This is my character, Lyndsey, She is the girlfriend of Ventus, I was thinking of a keyblade similar to Kairi's...heres a picture of Lyndsey http://file:///home/lyndsey/Documents/lyndsey.jpg
  10. Lokifan

    Who should kill Vanitas?

    During the final battle, i know Sora will end up meeting Vanitas and they both will battle at some point, and will with Ven, but who should really finish him off?
  11. Lokifan

    Could Terra be in The Realm Of Darkness?

    After watching 0.2 trailer, it got me wondering...could Terra be trapped along with Aqua in ROD? Since in DDD MX returned back to his "old coot" body lol, then that means Terra could be free or escaped somehow, or am i wrong? is this suppose to be straight after BBS? or could the Terra Aqua sees...
  12. Lokifan

    What do you think of this dude?

    Me in real life by Jellyfever on DeviantArt
  13. Lokifan

    How will Vanitas return?

    I know he will return when Ventus wakes up, but how exactly? could he come back through Sora, like after returning Ven's heart, Sora becomes possessed by Vanitas? Get revived somehow by MX or accidentally??
  14. Lokifan

    Do you think that Ventus and Roxas will ever meet? aswell as Sora and Vanitas?

    I really hope they do, it would spoil the game for me if they hadn’t. So do you think all four will meet at some point in KH3??
  15. Lokifan

    Castle Oblivion - Where do you think the Sleeping Chamber is?

    We know it's in CO and in a secret room, but where do you think it's located exactly?
  16. Lokifan

    Vanitas, Ventus, Roxas, Axel, Sora and Kairi for Cartoon crossover!

    Apparently there is going to be a cartoon crossover coming later in the future. Nothing much is known about it yet but it's suppose to have the appearances of Vanitas (who is suppose to be a main villian), Roxas and Ventus (who are suppose to be twins), Axel (a baddy), Sora and Kairi (who are...
  17. Lokifan

    I watched the disney films that are in Kingdom Hearts...

    but i cant find Sora, Donald or goofy anywhere in the movies!
  18. Lokifan

    Should Sora be back in Atlantica to defeat Morgana this time?

    Hear me out first. Instead of having the crappy musical we had back in KH2, how about we have a normal world story? Sora and co could go to Eric's castle on land and meet Melody (before she runs away) and also about the evil Morgana (later on) Undertow could be the first boss then the final...
  19. Lokifan

    What if Master Xehanort found Ventus before Sora does?

    Like what if Sora, Aqua and co get to Castle Oblivion to save Ven's ass, and find that MX is there carrying his body?
  20. Lokifan

    Could Skuld and Ephemera be Xehanort's Parents?

    since Skuld has Xehanort eyes while Ephemera has silver hair