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  1. Tartarus

    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    First 10 that came to mind (and then I thought of a few more and had to stop myself): - SDG knocking the Rock Titan down the mountain. - Sora’s “I GIVE UP!” after being knocked down Arendelle’s mountain by Marshmallow. - Larxene’s “UGH” reaction when Xemnas appears. - Isa admitting his...
  2. Tartarus

    Is KH3 A Good Game?

    I enjoy the game. *shrug* KH3, 3D, and KH1 have the best level design (0.2 is good for the short episode it is, too). And I still think 3 has the best gameplay in the series--but I never had a fondness for KH2's Drives or how slowly Sora moves in that game. If you could find anything wrong with...
  3. Tartarus

    News ► Photos of new Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko POPs, Dark Aqua & Axel with Chakrams exclusives revealed

    Oh, okay! I know a chakram is technically the hilt of the blade and Funko labels things oddly sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if, now they have a mold made for Lea/Axel, they do make a variant of him down the line with both chakrams in his KH2 / CoM pose.
  4. Tartarus

    News ► Photos of new Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko POPs, Dark Aqua & Axel with Chakrams exclusives revealed

    So there isn't a picture of Axel w/ Chakrams yet? I only see the one of him with his hands up and the other with the Keyblade. I love Kairi's KH3 look. I guess I'll be getting the standard Aqua, Lea w/ Chakrams, and then the Kairi w/ Keyblade pop (hopefully it'll be at HotTopic, too). I'll pass...
  5. Tartarus

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Oh, cute! I would've loved if they had had statues in the little garden area.
  6. Tartarus

    Why I believe Kingdom hearts 3 was a disappointment Part 1

    The DLC will probably trigger more discussion once it's released.
  7. Tartarus

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    I don't know how else you expected your post to be interpreted except as an attempt to correct me and for me to nod in agreement with you that I shouldn't be disappointed over that. I don't feel any differently than I did before. If including the cast is beyond SE's ability, maybe they shouldn't...
  8. Tartarus

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    I'm not sure what you want me to say here. If having the cast cut in half was a satisfying development for you, more power to you! I do not feel the same way, sorry.
  9. Tartarus

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Then why even bother including the film? lol
  10. Tartarus

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Mt. Olympus Pros: - I love love love the climb up the mountain. So well done. - Thebes is perfect. They even included the Hercules mosaic. - Hercules as a party member. - Fighting the 4 Titans, even if I'd have liked to fight the Lava Titan solo. There's always future games for that though. -...
  11. Tartarus

    Unpopular opinions!

    I've learned to think of everything post-CoM as an entirely different franchise. That's the way I've been able to enjoy other games in the series despite all the changes in story, character, and overall atmosphere that came about because of KH2.
  12. Tartarus

    Why is DDD so loathed and hated?

    3D is my favorite game along with KH1, KH3, and CoM. I think Absent is right that every game in the series is hated and loved by someone. 3D was the game that revived my interest in KH and gave me hope that KH3 might actually improve on 2's major flaws, because of how impressive the level design...
  13. Tartarus

    It's Been Long Enough: Which Song/Video Do You Prefer?

    Which KH opening theme song did you like the most? "Face My Fears," then 0.2's "S&C" remix, then the original KH1 "S&C" remix. Which KH end theme did you like the most? Nothing beats the long version of "Simple & Clean." Still, "Don't Think Twice" isn't far behind for me. Which KH intro video...
  14. Tartarus

    What is your most attractive male KH character?

    1. Riku 2. Marluxia 3. Terra 4. Xaldin 5. Saix
  15. Tartarus

    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I can see why some prefer KH2 when you put it that way. For me, the bad of KH2 far outweighed the good, but I understand how it having a proper midpoint, Coliseum, FF characters, a large number of worlds, etc. are all points in its favor over KH3. I personally consider KH3 to have better...
  16. Tartarus

    Let's discuss comedy, self-awareness and the fourth wall in KH3.

    I think KH3 is the most successfully funny KH game in the series for me. While I didn't laugh at every joke, I don't remember cringing at anything. KH1 wasn't really that funny, and its few attempts were hindered by the animation not being quite as smooth back then as in later games and the...
  17. Tartarus

    Black Robes

    Yes, I hope we're done with the black cloaks now. I love the new outfits for Isa, Lea, and Xion already--and it'll be nice to have more color. I can envision Elrena in red maybe, and Durol in green.
  18. Tartarus

    Yesterday was not okay

    Yay, the continuation of personal attacks! Just like that offensive garbage you said about how nobody wants to be ginger.
  19. Tartarus

    Yesterday was not okay

    And you have quite interesting definitions of racism and calm discourse. Nobody was even arguing anymore when the TLM thread was finally locked. The only reason it was locked is because the moderators didn't like to see opinions still being posted that they disagreed with. Why not lock the Mulan...