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  1. Zach2

    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    My favorite moment was Sora and Kairi sharing the paopu fruit!❤️
  2. Zach2

    The Future of Kingdom Hearts (Spoilers)

    I really hope Kairi will be playable/have a bigger role in the future. Mostly, I really hope she and Sora will finally be together
  3. Zach2

    Best KH3 Quotes

    My second favorite: “A real leader understands that destiny is beyond his control, and accepts it.”
  4. Zach2

    Character Development In New KH Trilogy

    I also want Sora and Kairi to spend more time together
  5. Zach2

    Best KH3 Quotes

    My favorite: “I want to be a part of your life no matter what, that’s all.”
  6. Zach2

    Specific Aspects You Loved About KH3

    I hope Kairi will be be playable or be a party member again in future games
  7. Zach2

    Food for Thought theories (spoilers?)

    I hope Kairi will have her own adventure in a future game
  8. Zach2

    What was your Favorite world in all kingdom hearts games

    My Favorites: Atlantica Space Paranoids Pride Lands Caribbean Agrabah Beast’s Castle Toy Box San Fransokyo Olympus Coliseum 100 Acre Wood Land of Dragons
  9. Zach2

    World transformations/outfits for all the characters

    I’d love to see Kairi as a mermaid in atlantica
  10. Zach2

    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    I’d like to see Kairi as a mermaid in Atlantica
  11. Zach2

    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    I want Kairi to have a larger role, and for her and Sora to finally be together
  12. Zach2

    Specific Aspects You Loved About KH3

    I loved the part where Sora and Kairi shared the paopu fruit❤️
  13. Zach2

    Should some characters be benched going forward?

    Kairi definitely needs it Agreed
  14. Zach2

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    Seeing Sora vanished in front of Kairi was heartbreaking. But after seeing that he’s alright in the secret ending, I’m just really hoping hoping that he will find his way back home so that he will reunite with Kairi and that they will finally be together in the future.
  15. Zach2

    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    I hope the DLC shows Sora saving Kairi
  16. Zach2

    Clues/Questions about the Future

    After playing and beating the game Kingdom Hearts 3, I have been thinking a lot about what will come in future games. I’ve been asking myself these questions for a while and just felt like letting them out. So, I’ve been looking up information, and these are my thoughts: The Master of...