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    Psp help please?

    Yeah, so... about 2 years ago I bought a White Darth Vader PSP, I had the habit of carrying it around in my pocket, and the screen ended up cracking (the LCD.) A few months after that, I bought the standard black PSP. Soon after that I learned of "modding" your psp. I still had my white psp, so...
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    In the TGS Trailer, TAV are sitting in the Land of Departure, and Terra is talking about becoming a master, but whose keyblade is he holding? It looks like it was hastily made out of wood and a piece of rope. If there has already been discussion on this, I'm sorry, I haven't been here in a...
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    Special Edition Cover Sleeve?

    Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Nintendo DS: Video Games It says if you preorder it from Amazon, you get a Limited Edition Art Design "Cover Sleeve." What do they mean by "cover sleeve?"
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    I need a question answered.

    I know it's small but just bear with me... Why is Roxas in CO? I thought he wasn't allowed there...
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    8-bit Converter?

    Hey, I'm trying to find a program that can convert .mp3's* into 8-bit. Yet, I can't find one! Can somone provide me a link to download to a good one? *Or other sound file** **In which case I also need a link to a file convereter
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    Form Mirrors?

    I've been looking for what those mirrors say in Yensid's Tower, but I can't find them anywhere. So can somone provide them for me? Including the Translated one for limit Form?
  7. G


    I ahve a question, so as soon as it is answered, this thread can be closed. I was going to join PSPBlender, but do you have to have custom firmware to play their games and other stuff?
  8. G


    Man, has anyone else seen this movie? I usually can't stand musicals, but we watched it in my Language Arts class and I give it a 7.5/10. If you've seen this movie post your opinions and rate it, please.
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    Days ability question.

    Roxas is known to weild two keyblades, right? We havn't seen much of this. But, do you think that we could aquire the Synch Blade ability, allowing us to weild two keyblades? It's just a question that has been bugging me for bit. And if you don't know what Synch Blade is, it's the ability...
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    Bullet Shells

    Thought I'd try my hand at Creative Writing, instead of Fanfic... so, here I go. Bullet Shells The last thing I saw, was the flash of the gun mussel. It was blinding, blinding in the way you stare at the sun and flinch away. The gun fight had taken place just a few moments ago. I had...
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    How to use KHIxp?

    Do you have to be a certain level of Member to have these bars? I've read the thread for this subject but I don't really understand it all.
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    Swap Magic and Cheating Device

    If I were to buy a Swap Magic and FM+ could I use my Gameshark V5 to use cheats on the game still?
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    PS2 Memory card doesn't work...

    Yeah, I put it in my ps2 and the memory card doesn't get read. I was gonna buy a new one, but first, I have some questions... 1.Can anyone tell me what's wrong? 2.If you can't tell me what's wrong, is there a way to copy my data from my memory card to a new memory card? Even though it isn't...
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    Future of KH have Past attacks?

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep gameplay 0:37-0:42 Ragnarok? and... 1:01-1:06 Ars Arcanum? Is Square really that running out of creativity?
  15. G

    BBS Site?

    Do we know of one yet?
  16. G

    The Laughing Game

    Videos, typing, pictures, etc. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Door or Sora?

    If I remember correctly, after you defeat the Darkside in Riku's story, don't you have the choice of walking towards a door that looks like the one that appears in the awakenings of Sora and Roxas, or going and talking to Sora? If i'm right, has anyone takin' the door?
  18. G

    Computer trouble

    Well... I downloaded a free trial of BitZipper to Open one .rar file. When I was finished with it I uninstalled it and deleted it. Now, I can't open .zip files that I could open before. I just need someone to help me figure out what I did to my computer. The .zip files that I could open, I can...
  19. G

    NaZi ZoMbIeS

    On Call of Duty: World at War. Whats the highest level you have gotten to? 11 but just cause I was dumb and opened to many doors at one time.:o