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    Driving Age

    What do you feel about the driving age in your area? Do you feel it is too low, too high, or just right. Right now I am close to getting my permit, however it seems like the driving age is too low. Teens have the highest percent of crashes which as far as I know is due to inexperience. In fact...
  2. L

    Sherlock Holmes

    Anyone read Sherlock Holmes. I've already read A Study in Scarlet and I'm almost done with the Sign of Four. They are currently my favorite books. I actually got interested in reading Sherlock Holmes from watching the anime Case Closed a.k.a Detective Conan.
  3. L

    Theory: Yen Sid's Book

    I was just looking at what Yen Sid's book said. My theory is that it may hint at what will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3. The Beginning: Each journey gives rise to chance encounters, and each encounter brings forth a farewell. When a farewell leads to a journey, the worlds open their hearts...
  4. L

    Similar Party Members

    Did anyone else not like how the party members that are specific to each world (Mulan, Beast, Etc.) have basically the same stats. For example Beast and Auron had exactly the same stats all the way until level 99 except for HP which eventually became the same. It felt like I was playing with the...
  5. L

    Getting points in the coliseum

    I have trouble getting enough points in the coliseum tournaments for Jiminy's Journal. I'm guessing I have to enter double score mode to get enough points but it just seems to do it at random.
  6. L

    Kingdom Hearts similar to FF10

    I just realized that the beginning and ending of KH and FF10 are very similar. The beginning of both have the main character's homes being destroyed. In the ending the main characters are seperated from the ones they care about. If anyone found anything else that is similar feel free to post it.
  7. L

    Driving with no one around

    In this video the person is at the coliseum and is able to drive without Donad ad Goofy. How can he do that? http://youtube.com/watch?v=9KRxxDHcbos&search=kh2%20master%20form
  8. L

    Drive forms

    I was wondering since keyblades now have effects; when you use them does their effect still work when they are your second keyblade when you drive? Like if you have oathkeeper as your second keyblade would it still have it's effect of making you be able to stay in drive longer?
  9. L

    Theory: Anyone can use a keyblade

    Since Sora has a strong heart he can use a keyblade. Although when he drives he can use two keyblades except in wisdom form. When he goes into brave form wouldn't it be possible that he borrows Goofy's heart to form another keyblade? If that is true then Goofy's heart is strong enough to use a...
  10. L


    You know how after you beat a boss and Sora gets a bonus? What exactly does the bonus do? Does it teach him a new ability or something?
  11. L

    No Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

    It turns out there won't be a KH2:FM. You can read about it here. http://kh-2.net/
  12. L

    Master Form

    What is the main purpose of master form? Isn't it weaker than brave form in attack power and weaker than wisdom form in magic power? If it is then is there any real purpose to use it. Also it uses up more of the drive bar than both brave and wisdom form. Is there something that master form can...
  13. L

    Theory: Sephiroth's Sword

    Ok, so I was testing how much more Sora would be protected the higher his defense was. So I put 3 heartguards on him which raised his defense by 12 and protected him from dark attacks by 60%. Then I put on 2 ribbons and a three stars. Ribbon protects you against all elements by 20% and three...
  14. L


    Say a game store says that they are getting Kingdom Hearts 2 on say march 30th. But they really get the game on say march 1st. If I pre-order it and they say I can pick it up on the 30th but they get the game march 1st will I be able to pick it up on the 1st or will they give it to me on the 30th?
  15. L

    Drive Form Combos

    In every trailer that I've seen of Sora during drive he always uses some sort of combo. Although when I'm looking at the command menu the arrow is always on attack. Does that mean to use the combos all you have to do is hit attack a couple of times. I've also heard that you can use Square to use...
  16. L

    Sora's Mp

    How come whenever I see Sora's MP sometimes it is blue and sometimes it is pink? Does it turn pink after he uses a co-op attack or something? And does anything different happen when it's pink?
  17. L

    Kingdom Hearts 2 sells 1 million copies

    So far Kingdom Hearts 2 has sold over 1 million copies in Japan so far. Here is the link. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/678/678247p1.html Sorry if this has been posted before.
  18. L

    Theory: Roxas' Necklace

    I was just thinking about Roxas’ necklace. I believe that Sora’s necklace had some significance in Kingdom Hearts. As you can see in this picture that http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b335/shadow_saver/KingdomHeartsII-BHK.jpg Roxas’ necklace is a cross. I believe that this symbolizes that he...
  19. L

    Theory on Superior

    I have a theory on why Ansem may be the Superior of the Organization. In Chain of Memories Zexion picks up two scents of people that are in the castle. He says one of them is Malificent but he doesn't know who the other person is. Although he says that the scent is very similar the the...
  20. L

    More people with keyblades?

    In KH2 a nobody is a person with a strong heart who lost their heart, correct? And if you have a strong heart you should also have a keyblade. In some of the trailers we see a lot of nobodies. Wouldn't this mean that they're could've been other people who once had keyblades? Sorry if this has...