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    the title 358 Days/2

    One of the mysteries of the game is the title. Nomura has described the title of a sort of "code" that many won't be able to fully understand until they have finished the game, but also added that the word "Days" in the title was to symbolize the daily life of the Organization. He has also...
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    Book in Yen Sid's Tower?

    I apologize in advance if there is already a thread concerning this. I searched, but I didn't find any previous threads regarding it. Does anyone know what the significance is of the messages in the book in Yen Sid's tower? I vaguely remember Yen Sid saying the messages tell of the journey...
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    Possible unnoticed connections involving unbirths and Terra

    If someone has already mentioned these, then I am truly sorry for wasting your time. But in the past few months that I’ve read these threads, I haven’t seen anyone make these connections. We all know that Nomura likes word-play. Even though the definition of the word heartless would mean...