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    Recapturing the magic

    The fact that all three characters (Sora, Riku, and Kairi) had more character to them in earlier games than they do in all of KH3 is rather notable, unfortunately. Which brings me to my feelings of whether Phase 2 can “recapture the magic” of the DDS’s earliest games. Again, I’m going to say...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    The fact that Nomura is "dumbing down" the character's personalities as the series goes on is a nitpick for me. Sure, Sora's the main target given his notable personality in the earlier KH games deteriorating to what it is in KH3, but the fact is that now there are other characters who are...
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    Recapturing the magic

    I will agree with the statement that Nomura has a tendency to use too many sequel hooks and IMHO it's actually part of the reason the franchise has deteriorated so much: it’s all just building up to the NEXT big thing—until the conclusion of those sequel hooks either underwhelms or misses the...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary site launches

    What is this I'm seeing about an "Integrum" cloud game for the Nintendo Switch on the anniversary website? Is that what "Melody of Memories" is called in nihongo? That's quite a title change... Unless it's actually what Nomura is going to call the UX/DR "game" in the console stores? Also...
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    Recapturing the magic

    IMHO, I'm not even sure that going back to KH's original writing team would fix the mess that KH is in these days. Back when KH1 was first released, Nomura didn't have as much "power" over the series to do whatever he wanted--he was the character designer who created the physical appearances of...
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    Happy Female Protagonist Appreciation Day Everyone!

    Hello everyone! Today is June 29, 2021. Which means, Kingdom Hearts' Female Protagonist Appreciation Day has finally arrived! I can't wait to show my appreciation for one of Kingdom Hearts' most amazing female characters--the Female Protagonist from UX! Let's all have fun celebrating this event...
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    News ► Final trailer for NEO: The World Ends With You released

    Probably for the best, friend. SE has a bad habit of posting too much content in their trailers. Remember all of the KH3 trailers that leaked most of the game's bosses before it even came out? I wouldn't be surprised if some of NEO's bosses even appeared in this trailer... It certainly seems...
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    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    Hand in Hand is a nice, energetic theme that has some powerful elements. It's certainly used as a "battle theme" in Daybreak Town.
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    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    This, buddy. We all know that KH doesn't exactly let its female characters "shine" (poor Aqua). And that's not even getting into the Kairi treatment... Which is why I came up with the idea to create a day dedicated solely to celebrating the Female Protagonist. Even if she isn't allowed to be a...
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    Kingdom Hearts doesnt have many female characters tbh ngl

    Kingdom Hearts is really disappointing in its treatment of female characters. The series is already lagging behind other franchises when it comes to fair treatment of its girls and women. I'm honestly surprised more adults haven't caught on to the fact that children might, even subconsciously...
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    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    I know how you feel, buddy. The female Protagonist is the closest thing female fans of KH, and fans of the BA female KH characters, have to themselves... The Female Protagonist is competent, makes her own decisions, knows how to have fun and when to be serious, has healthy relationships with...
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    How does Square gather feedback from the fans?

    To go along with what @Oracle Spockanort said, didn't Nomura mention in an interview for KH at one time, after KH3, that he believes that some fans' theories tended to be "reaching" (I think was the word)? Plus, I think I read an article about FF7R somewhere that mentioned that some of the...
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    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    Thanks, that's definitely an option! I'm eager to see what other ideas fans can come up with for contest ideas to support this event. After all, there's still plenty of time before the actual date of the event to brainstorm and ideas are welcome!
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    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    Good news, everyone! I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've decided: what use is having a contest if there's no fun prize to win? So I decided to offer some prizes for those participating in the Female Protagonist Appreciation Day community event contests. In order to determine the...
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    KHUX ► *SPOILERS* Finale Complaint Thread

    That does seem curious... I hope Nomura manages to clear everything up soon. UX is over and there are still questions. Dark Road has some story left but that's focusing on Xehanort and not the Foreteller stuff... So how is this stuff going to get answered? Maybe in the next console game? I'm...
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    KHUX ► *SPOILERS* Finale Complaint Thread

    @Noivern Okay, where you to remind me of this before I made this post? lol Basically Xehanort is to Player what Ansem:SoD's Guardian was to Terra: a soul jar thing. Maybe? Who knows? But seriously, you're right. I most likely need to chill about this whole Player-Xehanort connection thing...
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    KHUX ► *SPOILERS* Finale Complaint Thread

    I guess I just feel like Nomura once again missed his mark. Xehanort shares a lot more in common with Ephemer than he does with the Protagonist, IMHO. Even the fact that Xehanort is obsessed with "ancient keyblade wielders" could be linked to Ephemer, especially since several of the O13 are...
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    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    Yes, the Finale story update for the Global version of UX came out today.
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    KHUX ► *SPOILERS* Finale Complaint Thread

    So UX's Global version has officially ended its story. I appreciated how the credits showed the customized Protagonist in the credit scenes, I felt like it was a nice touch to end the Protagonist's journey and a good tribute to the player for all their effort participating in the game. Nomura...
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    Female Protagonist Appreciation Day?

    That actually makes a lot more sense, especially since the final story updates for the Global version came out this morning. So let's set the date for this event as June 29!