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    Sympathy anyone?

    Was anyone else sad after playing Roxas' part... I can honestly say I almost shed a tear when you were done at Twilight town...
  2. O


    Okay... Completely disregard, close, or move this if this was already addressed or if this the wrong place to post this... I have been a member here for a little while now... One thing I've come to realize can't be ignored is the signature size... Large signatures are becoming more and more of...
  3. O

    What is Sephiroth saying?!?!?

    You say potato... I say uh.... potato... Okay... it doesn't work in writing... But what do you think good ol' Sephy is saying when he uses that god awful move that drains 99% HP and 100% MP? A crap load will probably say... "Sin Harvest"... while an overwelmed minority will say "Decend...
  4. O

    Passing time...

    While the release date is still up in the air for the US, Europe, and Australian versions... one has to think... What can I do to pass of the time? Me? I'm going to buy a new game or two and get occupied with them for a while... Then if that doesn't work, I'm going to replay both KH and CoM...
  5. O

    For the Love of Sora!!!

    Is Axel really Sora's father!? I read it in the wikipedia or whatever that was...
  6. O

    Selling out already???

    Some people who are waiting for the american version may want to reserve a copy soon... the game stop I go to is already selling out!!! I'm lucky to have already reserved one when I did...
  7. O

    A question possibly resulting in a spoiler...

    Alright... I don't know if this has already been posted but, aside from the beginning, do you take control of Roxas any other time?
  8. O

    Hahahahahaha Told Ya!

    A month or two ago I put a post up about Yuna being on KH... In the end... I said that it was way to early to have any doubts about new possibilities... Yuna is clearly on KH2 whether you like it or not... And now there's undeniable proof that you do not yet know what lies beyond the door!!!:p
  9. O

    Is Yuna on KH2!!!???

    I don't know if any one believes me but I think it's almost confirmed that Yuna is going to be on the sequel thanks to "imdb.com" A site that announces voice actors... just look up Hedy Burress in the search bar... Though... We have yet to have seen any in-game pictures of her...