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  1. Thor.

    Closed Darkness Reborn [Signup and Discussion]

    The ever evolving story of a great war between the forces of Darkness and Light. You have been ripped from your homeworld and given extraordinary abilities, drafted as a soldier in a conflict that existed long before you were born and will continue long after your death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  2. Thor.

    Void [In Which the Intrepid is Sequestered From Centralized Space] Sign-Up/Interest Check

    You can't own nothing. People have tried. There were those rare members of the esteemed species Humanity, that looked not at the stars but the black spaces in between and lusted to have seen all they could offer. These people, who were usually called Travelers by those who liked to keep their...
  3. Thor.

    Darkness Redux

    Kristine looked over the newcomers as they gained their bearings. The White Room was not kind to newcomers. It stretched on into infinity, a glaringly white expanse. Chairs and tables had been set up, white of course, but they only added the surreal aspect, at certain angles they completely...
  4. Thor.

    Darkness Redux

    This is a retread of a very old idea. And as such this is more of a signup than a discussion but new players are ALWAYS welcome to join in. Premise: The forces of Darkness gather. Evil, hate and greed are making a push for control of all existence. Across infinite worlds spanning all...
  5. Thor.

    Fasting and Meditation

    I have a friend who says he is not going to eat or sleep for three days. Three days he will spend meditating and praying. This not only strikes me as freakish and bizarre but also foolish. Supposedly the idea is to bring yourself closer to God by denying yourself the things of the flesh. Aside...
  6. Thor.

    HUB [Sign-Up/OOC/Interest Check]

    The idea behind this Rp is simple. You have been brought to Hub, the world that connects every other world in existence. It is a home to dimensional travelers of all kinds, a bustling and fascinating city in which anything can be found. You were brought to the Hub by the Wardens. Good and...
  7. Thor.

    Where would you put a thread for "Sandman"

    The comic by Neil Gaiman, I don't see anywhere it would fit.
  8. Thor.

    Been gone. Back.

    I took a break from this site for a while due to personal issues. I will probably become more active now.
  9. Thor.

    Under Fallen Stars

    Artemites fought back the memories of his time as a Chosen, the crowd of new faces, not all of them young were much the same as the crowd he had inhabited when he was young. They were confused and slightly scared, eyes holding back tears or filled with false bravado they all felt the same thing...
  10. Thor.

    Under Fallen Stars [Original Rp ~ Sign Up/OOC]

    Artemites paced slowly from one wall of the White Room to the other. He had made this trip plenty of times already, She was late, but he had grown accustomed to long waits and his mind was hardly on the time. A prayer for inner peace ran through his head, each word articulated mentally in his...
  11. Thor.

    Romantic or Creepy?

    The only difference between the two that I can ever see is how into it the girl is. Discuss.
  12. Thor.

    Original Rps

    I realize that the idea of having to come up with their own ideas can be straining for some of the members of this site but the lack of activity in the Original Rp section is disgraceful. As such I am going to start this thread for the development of ideas and storylines for rps, I intend to use...
  13. Thor.


    I like this band quite a bit. I'm pretty sure that not that many people are actually aware of them. I may be wrong, either way I think they deserve a little more popularity than they have.
  14. Thor.

    The Media and Eating Disorders

    This is a big theme anytime Barbie gets a boost in sales or anytime a mother looks at a fashion magazine. The media and how if effects young girls. Apparently the Olsens make them want to vomit. Aside from general discussion on the subject here are a few points to consider. ~ Can we really...
  15. Thor.


    Demi looked at the gathered rabble and favored them with another smile. Soon enough he would be finding which of these would help his cause and which would hurt it. He paced on the balcony above the main hall, in plain view of those that had answered his fliers. Fliers. He thought with and laugh...
  16. Thor.

    Demiurge [Darkness Princess/Thor. Collab] OOC/Sign-up (always accepting)

    ((Warning: It is entirely possible you may find the contents of this thread highly offensive. Mature Language, Sexual Themes and Extreme Violence are all expected to make an appearence. The Rp is HERE )) Summary: Before us there were others. Every last historian agrees on that. There isn't a...
  17. Thor.

    Everything you like sucks.

    I hate it.
  18. Thor.

    I found the perfect place.

    If you enjoy pissing people off. . . I found the best chat ever to do it in. Paltalk Express – Web Video and Voice Chat Rooms
  19. Thor.

    A Little Monolouge

    So I typed this up a while ago instead of sleeping. Enjoy. Critiques are appreciated. What you and I had meant the world to me. It didn't last long, but I devoted every waking hour and every sleeping thought to you. But we ended, like all things, and you took everything I gave. I can't love...
  20. Thor.

    Given it some thought. . .

    I've conisdered becoming a bastard. . . Thoughts?