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  1. gelandporn

    The Identity of Chirithy's Master

    Testing the waters on this one. It’s not complete but I was curious to see how people would react. Let's have a look at some of the official art for Chirithy: One of these things is not like the other! Have a look at the symbol on Chirithy's... coin purse. While all three are star-shaped...
  2. gelandporn


    It’s a fairly good bet that the “Lost Masters” Xehanort speaks of at the end of the 2.5 ReMix trailer are the Foretellers. And if that’s the case, then we could in turn guess that the “previous Keyblade Wielders” that Riku and Mickey are supposed to be searching for (based on the KH3 press...
  3. gelandporn

    Wishful Thinking about the DIsney Bosses

    This doesn't exactly pertain to 3D but since it involves boss battle discussion, thought I'd put it in here. Yeah, as has been mentioned, the Disney boss presence in this game is extremely underwhelming. Rinzler, Pete, Chernabog and Julius? Not that I don't appreciate the Chernabog fight, but...
  4. gelandporn

    So we know YMX's Identity!... Or maybe not...

    This is obviously subject to change soon depending on new information/translations, of course. Anyway, wanted to make a topic with a bunch of analysis/meta for the revelations in DDD. Don't really have time right now though, but wanted to make this topic because it just popped into my mind. So...
  5. gelandporn

    Special Trailer Analysis (part 1)

    Just going to write down some of the things I was struck by in the trailer and my thoughts on them (most of which occurs after the 6 minute mark). I apologize if some/most of this has been said. Not really going anywhere with this, I wanted to just get it all down. [ok so I didn't have much...
  6. gelandporn

    MF is not YMX

    Now that I've baited you in with that categorically false title- or if your arrow is hovering over the topic title, just get your ass in here- yeah, well he is YMX. No denying that. But what I'm about to talk about is related to that contention. We've seen some debate, despite Nomura confirming...
  7. gelandporn

    [SPOILERS] Hearts other than your own...

    Alright guys, got a bit of theorizing today, mostly centered around Xehanort of course, in light of the Jump Festa trailer. To start, let’s focus on the biggest revelation in the trailer, Young Xehanort. How did he get there? The most striking thing about his presence is his age. But he’s...
  8. gelandporn

    What Xemnas was doing in the Chamber of Repose

    This just sort of hit me a little while ago. I was thinking about the manner in which Yen Sid will have Sora and Riku enter the Realm of Sleep. Odds are it has something to do with... well, sleeping, but I imagine it's some sort of special sleep. And as that came to mind, it just sort of...
  9. gelandporn

    Maybe Riku didn't dual wield

    Just a quick thought. It's been taken to be common knowledge at this point that Riku was dual wielding when he passed Destiny's Embrace on to Kairi. While this is a reasonable assumption, and very probable, it's not confirmed. And that's really all I'm pointing out in this thread. We can't just...
  10. gelandporn


    Anyone seen this film? Really slipped under the radar. I was turned off by the premise, it sounds like a generic car-heist movie. And, really, the story is something we've seen plenty of times before. But the execution. The highly stylized, almost film noir approach, the sensationalized...
  11. gelandporn

    The Truth about Xehanort / MF’s Identity

    So I’ve got a double header for you guys today. Two theories. They’re not entirely unrelated- in fact, one lead me to think of the other, which is why I am placing them in the same topic (because one of my theory topics is bad enough as it is). First off, MF’s identity. I’m just going to come...
  12. gelandporn

    An Abridged History of Xehanort: Filling in the Gaps

    So I’ve made a topic like this in the past, but figured, with some new ideas, it’d be appropriate to make a new version. Basically this is comprised of various smaller theories which string together to paint a picture of who Xehanort is over the span of the KH series. Let’s start at the...
  13. gelandporn

    The Iron Lady

    Im2UvBs_gfs From that one scene alone, Streep is definitely Oscar-bait. I'm sort of interested in how this movie will portray Thatcher and her legacy. From the description, it sounds more like a success story, which I hope isn't the case. She's one of the most controversial figures in British...
  14. gelandporn

    Riku's Dive to the Heart in 3D?

    Just wanted to point something out, courtesy of Keytotruth's latest YouTube video (hope he doesn't mind me posting it): 1X-JVncMMuY There are a couple of unrelated things I'd like to address: - That cutscene would have looked a hell of a lot better with TAV already in armor - This cutscene mod...
  15. gelandporn

    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    So a little while ago, when some people were saying that we probably wouldn't get anything for KH at E3, I remembered this little tidbit: E3 Famitsu Nomura Interview Translated : HEARTSTATION.ORG Nomura is showing up at E3 2011. Considering that he said this in a KH interview, I figured we...
  16. gelandporn

    Help/Support ► My mother needs psychological help

    I'm just going to re-post what I typed on Yahoo answers: Also some additional information (where I was responding to someone): Honestly, for a while now I've felt like I had two mothers, and the other one is taking over. Sometimes my mother is her normal self, the one I remember from my...
  17. gelandporn

    !@#$%^&*Kingdom Hearts V Cast + Traverse Town Periwig Man Semi-Neutral Club*&^%$#@! - "Not bad..."

    !@#$%^&*Kingdom Hearts V Cast + Traverse Town Periwig Man Semi-Neutral Club*&^%$#@! - "Not bad..." Surprised this wasn't already made. ~"Not bad..."~ Reasons to be Semi-Neutral about Kingdom Hearts Mobile: Stellar implied story. There is next to no dialogue or exposition, which leaves the...
  18. gelandporn

    Why Ansem SoD and Xemnas are in 3D

    Just a quickie. Ansem SoD, dead. Xemnas, dead. And they're in a post-KH2 game. What gives? I think people get the impression that they're just illusions/memories, but it may be deeper than that. So for whatever shitty reason Nomura comes up with (be it dreams, memories, time travel, whatever)...
  19. gelandporn

    I'm surprised no one has taken note of this

    I was going to wait and include this in a theory, but I'm more interested in hearing others' thoughts on this. I'm sure you're all aware that what Sora and Riku said in the KH3D trailer was what they said verbatim in KH1. But what does that imply? Well, it must be that, for whatever reason...
  20. gelandporn

    State of the Union Address

    Anyone watch it? Personally, I found it pretty lackluster. The announcers I was listening to were praising Obama for straying from the conventional "laundry lists" and having a broader speech, but I wanted a laundry list. I wanted to know the statistics of past policies, as well as those for...